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My name is Yannik. I recently bought a Ouija board and have been using it. I used it first with my sister and we came into contact with a good spirit. We spoke to it for a while and eventually asked it for lottery numbers and it gave us some. It had first spelt out “mat” then gave us numbers. We paired the numbers and played them but we didn’t win. We figured out the spirit had meant “math” and when we added the numbers together, of course, they were the winning numbers. We were really upset we didn’t figure it out but were astounded by the fact that it was even moving. So we tried to connect again but it didn’t work and I also had a major headache so I couldn’t concentrate very well. The next day I tried again alone and immediately got a response, but I don’t know what I was talking to. The planchette went to z then a then z then a, spelling zaza. I asked if he wanted to help me in any way and he said no. I felt weird so I ended the session. I did some research and found some scary stuff about him, but it couldn’t keep me away from the board. So the next day I started another session after smudging the board and a whole bunch of other “blessing” suggestions I found on the internet. I came into contact with another spirit and it said it was good. We spoke for a while and I ended the session. I really want to use the board again, but everyone says once you come into contact with zaza you must destroy the board and sometimes he pretends to be a good spirit to deceive you. So my question is can I still use this board and is zaza really that terrible? I don’t feel depressed or vulnerable, quite the contrary, I feel really good and I’m so happy that I actually connected with something. My whole life I’ve felt like I’ve never had the answer and now it feels like its right in front of me. You are like one of the few people who speak positively about the Ouija board and finding you has been such a relief for me.


Hi Yannik.
Nice to meet you and thank you for reaching out to me with your experiences and concerns. Yes, I am part of a movement of the rare few (although our numbers are growing and I’m proud to call many of them my friends) who speak publicly about the positive aspects of Ouija. I can’t help but do so because that is what it has always been for me—positive! This was the case probably because there wasn’t an Internet, social media and many opinions (mass hysteria of fear) surrounding me while I was learning how to use this tool. So, I truly developed the ability to use the Ouija Board pretty much in a vacuum!

So, to address your question about zaza–zozo, mama, lala, z, etc.–I’ve heard this experience labeled by many different names. It’s truly meaningless, unless you give your focus and power over to it! It is your choice. Within these other realms, you are able to work with the powers of your mind, emotions, feelings, thoughts and these will take dominion and rule over any outside influence. I don’t concern myself with others’ explanations about this realm, especially when they are trying to scare everyone to believe that zaza, zozo, ozoz, bozo is a physical manifestation that has control over you. It’s all a mass hysteria of fear that has run amuck over the Internet. Just decide not to buy into it. Seriously, that is all it takes. Then, as you did, if anything feels weird, strange or not positive, put the Board away for a while. Then sage (like you did), say a prayer; just re-empower yourself. The most important thing you can do for yourself as you use this tool is to be in your CENTER and this comes from discovering and knowing the core of your being. You must know that you are safe, sound and grounded within yourself. If you feel you want extra protection, call upon that. Use the angels, crystals, spiritual sages, religious deities, candles and talismans if these help remind you of your inherent spiritual strength.

Recognize that such so-called negative encounters are merely manifestations of an individual’s own fears about evil, displaced upon the Board. Pointing the finger (or planchette – LOL!) to “zozo” becomes a convenient and often a socially acceptable excuse to blame an external source for the continuation of one’s fears, as opposed to claiming responsibility as the creator of any such negative energy and having to seriously look at oneself. The fear on the internet supports this.

Most importantly, know that you are what makes this tool work. It works because of your vibration. That’s it. Period. The Board does nothing other than allow you to believe that you can reach into other realms. It serves as the given permission to do so. Refrain from listening to people on the net who have no clue what this tool is about, especially those who live in fear. Fear is an illusion, yet it’s a tactic to keep you from knowing yourself and uncovering the real truths to your personal empowerment that are alive within you.

You do have all of the answers. They are within. I merely use this tool now to retrieve these answers and to reach into other realms and explore sentient beings of consciousness. It is a journey of infinite exploration into what can be learned via this tool–about life, about your relationship to the universe, about consciousness and expanding/exploring/discovering many concepts you have been told are not possible. Stay true on your path of discovery and stay strong within your CENTER and you will go far with this tool.

As I always tell people, “What you believe is what you will receive” whether it’s in life or via the Ouija Board. Stay positive and this will do you wonders. I’m super excited for you and your journey as your work progresses with this tool.


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