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George Noory


Karen A. Dahlman is a welcomed, recurring guest on Coast to Coast AM. Within her message, she uses the Ouija Board as her platform to teach human potentiality and to explore what is unseen. Although I am not a proponent of Ouija Boards, Karen’s positive attitude and professional manner, while addressing this grossly controversial subject, bring her back.


George Noory, Host of the Nationally Syndicated Program, Coast to Coast AM

Rosemary Ellen Guiley


I have had firsthand experience with the unique perspectives Karen A. Dahlman brings to spirit communication and channeling with the board. She takes everything to a higher level, pushing the boundaries of consciousness and exploring meaningful contact with the afterlife and beings in other realities. Her work is fresh and exciting, a benefit both to researchers and those on personal quests for knowledge and enlightenment.


Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Author and Researcher, Afterlife Studies and the Paranormal

Howard Hughes


Karen is a sincere and dedicated researcher in fields that can be controversial and tough to explain. She is astute and a great communicator—always willing and able to see both sides of an argument.

Howard Hughes, Host of the UK’s The Unexplained

Jim Harold


When I want the straight scoop on the mysteries of the Ouija there is one person I go to, and that is Karen A. Dahlman. Karen provides an educated perspective on spirit boards and dispels much of the misinformation out there about these fascinating divination tools. Not only is she the most knowledgeable person I know on the subject but she communicates with such an enlightened and positive attitude that I often forget we’re talking about something that many people fear. I highly recommend Karen for any project you may have in regard to the magnificent and mysterious Ouija! Quite simply, Karen rocks!

Jim Harold, Host of The Paranormal Podcast and Campfire

Robert Murch


It is my pleasure to recommend Karen A. Dahlman for any project involving the Ouija board. I’ve known Karen for many years and I’m consistently impressed with her working knowledge of talking boards and her down to earth explanations of how she utilizes the information she receives from them. Her excitement is infectious, and her personality instantly disarms those who have deep-rooted biases against talking boards. Karen answered her calling the first time she placed her hands on the planchette over forty-six years ago, helping to awaken the inner selves of all that cross her path. I’m honored to know her, call her a friend, and work with her. I’m even more excited to see her next project! If you’re looking for someone to bring your Ouija project to life, Karen is the person for you.

Robert Murch, Chairman of the Board, Talking Board Historical Society

Dave Scott


Karen A. Dahlman is one of the true innovators of spiritual communication. Her method, the Ouija Board, feared by most, is a board with a puppy of a planchette in her hands that she has tamed for communication. Karen’s intelligence and intuition have helped Spaced Out Radio listeners contact loved ones and voices they haven’t heard from in years. Karen’s work and the professional ethics she uses should be commended.

Dave Scott, Host of Spaced Out Radio

Patrick Keller


Karen A. Dahlman’s work with spirit communication and her 46 years of experience with the Ouija Board has been such a blessed addition to my life and our community of Big Séance Podcast listeners. From joining me in LIVE interactive Ouija sessions to co-hosting special episodes, she has become one of our favorite and most discussed guests! Her passion, inspiration, and wisdom has benefited me in many ways, including turning the esoteric into delicious bites of knowledge that I and the average “paranerd” will understand.

Patrick Keller, Host of The Big Séance Podcast


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