I am often asked, “how do I know if I can trust the accuracy of the messages I receive over my Ouija Board?” My first response is to say that it’s a healthy place to question the messages when you are new at spirit communication. In fact it’s a good thing to always question the reliability of the messages, even if you have been using the Board for sometime. However, the only way you will ever be able to answer this question is by understanding the limitations of the source of these communications and knowing your own limitations and strengths while using this tool.

In the beginning stages when you are receiving messages containing a few words, but mostly gibberish, I suggest you never trust the messages at face value. Don’t extract or provide meaning to a few legible words. Instead, see yourself through this stage by enjoying the process of making contact and learning how to get into the ebb and flow of the connection as it strengthens. This is when you want to remain the most patient with the energies so that they can learn how to use the Board, allowing it to spell and to start forming sentences from out of a few legible short words. They can only learn to move about the Board and spell with accuracy per the energy, patience and persistence you provide. As you move beyond this early stage and into a stage full of sentences that flow and begin to incorporate the style of the spirit with whom you are communicating, allowing interactive dialogue, you still want to remain a healthy level of skepticism to the accuracy and reliability of the messages.

To allow and grow messages with accuracy, it is crucial to look at the source of these messages. To whom are you communicating? Was this a wise and respectful person while alive or was this person always brooding in his negativity? In the beginning, it is so much easier to communicate with lower astral level beings—the ones who are typically earthbound, meaning they have not gone onto their next level of evolution. Often, you will hear this called, “not going into the light.” It’s easier to communicate with those who are in denial of their death or those who are miserable in their afterlife, as they were while alive, because they are hungry for attention and the easiest to contact. They exist in denser, lower energies, more closely related to the dense, energy level where we exist. This is where many Board users run into the issue of contacting and communicating with these often “tricksters.”

This is not to say, if you are communicating with one of your deceased relatives that they would try to lead you astray or want to give you poor information. It’s just that you must take an honest assessment of the “character” with whom you are communicating. Again, look at how they were in life, then that should help be an indicator for the type of information and what level of information they may be able to communicate to you now from their perspective. If you are just reaching out to anyone or anything on the “other side,” then that is just being reckless. Have a mission or intention for making the contact you are making, whether it’s within a paranormal investigation, reaching out to a loved one or meeting your spirit guide for the first time. What I have learned about the other dimensions, realms and astral levels (through many years of doing this work) is that when one passes over, they don’t become all of a sudden, all knowing! Instead, they gain the ability to understand and know love from another perspective. They are offered the opportunity to review their lives and make a self-examination for how they can continue to evolve and move into another level or realm of less density, of light. This is what we call, “going into the light.” However, not all of them are ready to accept this next stage of their existence so they remain in lower, denser astral realms. They get to choose.

Another aspect that can affect the validity of the messages is the one involving time. Once you have left this human experience, you enter into realms that are not based on the time-space continuum that we have within our dense existence. Therefore, something they tell you for your future, the timing of the event, will have high chances for being incorrect. Time is meaningless within their realm. Now, having said this, there are those who have received prophetic messages with high accuracy. I have myself. However, what I am reminding you to do is to not take all of these messages as highly reliable, especially the ones predicting a future event. Not only can the timing be mostly off, but the source of the message may not be reliable and your free will can change the projectile of your path through any choice you make at any given time regardless of what was predicted for you from an unseen source, psychic or medium.

Most importantly, take an honest assessment of who you are inside. This means looking at the type of thoughts, fears, beliefs and feelings you tend to hold and carry with you. Are you always complaining and blaming outside influences as the root of all of your problems? Do you have a spiritual practice in place that helps you find your divinity within and connects you back to the main Source? Do you actively pursue mindful, joyful and uplifting activities, thoughts and people of that nature? Really, look at yourself and develop your inner voice, which I call the Higher Self. The Higher Self is that inner voice that when you are connected to this space, things feel amazingly aligned within yourself. This sacred place within, is your direct connection to knowing and detecting truth. When you do your Board communications from a place of being “plugged” into your Higher Self, you will KNOW which messages to trust. Endeavor to use your Board as a tool to “plug” into these higher levels of energy, thus of light. These energies and consciousness will be your Higher Self, your guides, your angels and all of those energies that have nothing but your highest good at heart.

After some time, while working with these higher energies during your Board communications and beyond, you will find that the quality and caliber of the messages will change into messages of pure love, support and assistance for you to find the answers within. Those are the accurate messages.

Happy Boarding…


Karen A. Dahlman ©

Author of: The Spirits of Ouija: Four Decades of Communication

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