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Karen A. Dahlman

Karen A. Dahlman

Karen A. Dahlman, MA is an author, paranormal researcher, licensed counselor and spirit communicator. She serves as an officer and director of the Talking Board Historical Society. Born with the gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience, Karen communicates with sentient beings in the unseen dimensions and uses these gifts with her clients, providing spiritual readings.

As a leading, noted Ouija Practitioner, she has been using the Ouija Board since 1973 with astounding results. Featured on Gaia TV, Coast to Coast AM, Fade to Black, in documentaries and other numerous media programs, Karen’s message shares the positive side to the Ouija Board as a tool for exploring consciousness. Her work’s mission is pushing the boundaries of consciousness and her message is assisting humanity in awakening to its greatest potential. She teaches that self-empowerment is the key to living an abundant, connective life. As you plug into the consciousness of your Higher Self, you step into your empowered center, unveiling that person you are meant to be and to express within the world at large.

Karen holds a master’s degree from the University of New Mexico in archetypal art therapy and is experienced in hypnosis, past life regression, channeling and spiritual readings. She is the talk show host of Creative Visions TV and is an international speaker and teacher at paranormal and spiritual conferences. She is a channel for a collective group of light beings of Source Wisdom who come forth to share the Wisdom of the Ages. Their divinely inspired messages help us discover our greatest joys and possibilities for living the life of our dreams through self empowering choices.

Within her books, Karen invites you to tap into and unleash your own unique forms of creativity in her first book, The Spirit of Creativity. In her second book, The Spirits of Ouija, she helps you evolve beyond the stereotypical and societal beliefs about what happens when a person dies, while teaching you how to communicate with deceased and discarnate spirits. In her latest book, which is her third book, The Spirit of Alchemy, Karen continues the exploration into the expanses of your “being” by taking you on a journey to connect and be in communication with your Higher Self, spirit guides and Source wisdom, while opening yourself to synchronistic and mystical experiences as the norm within your life!

Released in the spring of 2023, When Cats Had Wings, is a book she co-authored with her cat, Jack. Karen channels the consciousness of sentient beings and showcases these skills within this fully illustrated book, as Jack’s story about the unconditional love shared between humanity and felines is told. A greater message is also provided in this book about animals serving as our master teachers and guides.

Currently, Karen continues to push the boundaries of consciousness as she explores, researches and communicates with this expansive and sentient Source energy. Come join her and her guests on YouTube.

Creativity is not something you learn; it is something you are.

–Karen A. Dahlman

-Excerpt from the book, The Spirit of Creativity: Embodying Your Soul’s Passion

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