MOON Messages

Channeled Messages of Inspiration from the Collective Group of Source Wisdom known as The MOON

Why the Struggles?

MOON Message - 10/7/18: Struggles are the building blocks of life and should be embraced. A runner will struggle up many hills in order to become a better runner. These must be friends not foes or the improvement they foster will never take hold in the race of your...

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Shoes in the Middle of the Floor

MOON Message - 8/2/18: Sometimes it is easier to see someone else's shoes in the middle of the floor. Questions to Ponder: How many times have you been able to point out someone else's shortcomings, while overseeing your own? It may even be that you both share similar...

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The Importance of Experience

MOON Message - 2/25/18: The experience you have when you are chasing the experience you want is often more precious and profound. Questions to Ponder: Have you ever set out after an envisioned desire, pursuing what you expect to be the direct path to the desired...

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As the Day So the Night

MOON Message - 2/22/18: As the day so the night. That which is shiny and bright by day is dull and grey by night, but no less precious or purposeful. That which chooses to hide in the shadows at night will be revealed by the light of day. So do not fear the darkness,...

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The Caterpillar

MOON Message - 2/5/18: Remember, the caterpillar does the work, while they write poems about the butterfly. Questions to Ponder: We tend to glorify our triumphs, wins and end results, but what about honoring all of our moments of dedication, efforts, the trials and...

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Your Default

MOON Message - 2/5/18: The default for all your actions and thoughts are kindness, honesty and above all, love. It is by restricting the flow of Source that humanity will choose another way. Do you know the ten commandments? These are all you ever need to know to...

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Never Close the Board

MOON Message - 2/25/18: "Never close the Board." This is a metaphor for life and living. One more final thing: Only you can create an ending. Questions to Ponder: Is it possible that the most profound creation is not actually creating an ending? After all, when you...

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MOON Message - 12/3/17: Keep open the ears of your heart and closed the eyes of your head and you will truly be inspired. Questions to Ponder: When you are seeking an answer, looking for guidance or searching for inspiration have you turned within to yourself and...

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Living on Love

MOON Message - 2/5/18: Can life be so simple that you can live on love alone? Questions to Ponder: Is anger, hate or jealously necessary to be part of your daily life or will love sustain you?         About The MOON: These are channeled messages...

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The Perfect Body

MOON Message - 8/19/17: The body no matter the size must be seen with the same perfection that you see all things. It will by default adjust to perfection when you see it with the inner eye. Questions to Ponder: How often do you scorn yourself and your body for not...

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The One and the Many

MOON Message - 8/16/17: Do you see that the one can build the many while the many can build the one without losing the one? When the one is one and the many is one then the ones can flourish outside of the many, but still with the support of the many. Yonder is a...

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Your World

MOON Message - 10/31/17: You do not see the world as it is, but rather you see the world as you are. Questions to Ponder: What perceptions, filters, beliefs are you harboring that either limit or expand your vision of the world? What do you know about yourself deep...

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