A sacred space can be a tangible or mental place where you encourage yourself to transcend the arena of the secular and enter into the realm of the venerated. This space promotes transmutation of your material matters, worries and concerns into a timeless sanctuary of peace, renewal and empowerment where you can return to time and again. Per Joseph Campbell, the late American mythologist, writer and lecturer, he said, “Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.”

Entering such of a literal, physical space or mental space encourages an internal shift that changes the vibration of your energy centers. This shift is typically felt within your emotions, physically within your body and within your mental state. This shift initiates you into the new energy you have created for yourself to enter. Your sacred space prepares you for many ventures, not only for the spiritual work you may be preparing to engage, such as meditation, spirit communication, trance journeying and rituals, but it also can be harnessed to support you in your day-to-day life.

Currently, your sacred space may be a tangible space that you have created within your home. Maybe it’s a nook, or a corner of a room, or maybe you have taken over an entire room and have deemed it your sanctuary. It has become the place where you can shut out the daily demands, relax and recharge. Maybe it’s a space where you have created an alter or shrine with sacred objects and talismans reminding you of your connections to a force and source larger than yourself. It may be found in the way you prepare your guests and yourself for a special meal; you set a gorgeous table, light some candles and gather your family and friends to imbibe in the food you are about to share. Maybe you find it within your daily outdoor walk where being surrounded by nature enlivens your senses and invigorates your energy. In all of these different ways, you are purposefully leaving one state of being and entering into an elevated state of being by being in a mindful state of intention and connecting to something much greater than yourself.

Now, let’s expand the definition of when and where a sacred space can be had and entered. Let’s look beyond just spiritual and tangible pursuits that occur under prepared circumstances, to including a space where entry into it can readily be had at a moments notice. To do this requires knowing the “Center” of your personal being as sacred. Learning to enter your internal sacred space and participating with the world from this space allows a new perspective on life. Meaning, truth and inspiration can be found anywhere and everywhere when in this space. You become the living and breathing ritual, talisman or meditation. Viewed from this perspective, you are no longer separate from the truly mystical and sacred experiences within your life. You become an active participant where things are created for you not because you entered auspicious energies, but rather because you are the locus of these energies. Within your Center you are no longer separate from the sacred for you are the sacred.

How you can become your sacred space:

1.) Discover the Center of your being – Try this exercise. Get comfortable, close your eyes and just breathe into your heart for several deep and slow breaths. Once you are focused internally on your heart with your breath, imagine a brilliant green light expanding within this space. With the rhythm of your breath allow this green light to emanate from your heart and fill your entire body. After the brilliant green lights fills your body imagine the green light permeating your skin, creating a very large sphere of green light around you. You have now discovered your sacred space that exists within your heart. Within this space you are safe, empowered and aligned. When you are ready to leave this space, use your breath to gently guide the green light back into the space of your heart where it resides eternally. Take three deep breaths, open your eyes and return to your environment.

2.) Support the Center of your being – Engage your senses within this visualized meditation. Feel this green light as it expands from its Center—the center of your heart. See the light as it fills your body with its healing energy. Hear any messages that come to you while engaging this practice. Sensations will be heightened when working with your Center. Pay attention.

3.) Find your technique for entry – Once you discover this sacred space and practice experiencing it on a regular basis, you will soon find your unique way to enter into this space quickly and every time you desire to be in your Center. Some examples of times to be in your Center include, when you are to making an important decision, when you are working with clients or providing readings, when you are giving a presentation at your place of employment, when you are seeking inspiration or a creative solution; the list goes on! Any time is the perfect time for being within your Center.

4.) Rely on the Center of your being – Especially during the tough times, go into this space for assistance, lucidity and understanding. Life begins and ends with the heart for the heart is your gateway to all of existence and to the answers within the universe. Go into this space, this Center, for solace and renewal so you can regroup with clarity during the difficult times of life.

5.) Reach out for help – Enter this sacred space and enlist your angels, guides and ethereal beings that are always around you, but who require an invitation to connect with you. Once in the Center of your being, you are vibrationally different and can more readily connect with these loving beings of higher frequencies.

6.) Keep a sacred space journal – After every entry, write about your experiences within your journal. This will be the way you will gauge the changes within yourself that are occurring. Don’t rely on pure memory. This written information will become important to your journey of becoming your sacred space. You will discover many insights while working with your Center.

Your Center—your sacred space—will become your “go to” place and less and less you will search for answers outside of yourself, and instead, will look within and find everything waiting for you within your sacred home.

Remember to keep the light on!


Karen A. Dahlman ©

Author of: The Spirit of Alchemy: Secret Teachings of the Sacred Reunion

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