The Spirits of Ouija: Four Decades of Communication

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The Spirits of Ouija: Four Decades of Communication is a “Tell All” book, exploring Karen’s personal forty years worth of Spirit Communications via the Ouija Board. She shares the how to’s, the don’ts, the warnings and the recommendations so you too can have meaningful and deeply relevant Ouija experiences. Read about all of the various type of entities with whom Karen has been in contact over the years. Learn how to tap into your Higher Self for divine guidance and learn to listen to this guiding principle that resides within. Get ready for a phenomenal exploration into consciousness. You will meet a whole new world awaiting your contact!



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Linda Deir
Linda Deir

You Are Not Alone!
Having used a talking board myself for over 25 years, it was a pleasure to discover this book and all the great information contained in it. Besides providing a detailed account of her younger years growing up with the Ouija board and her early experiences with it, I enjoyed her comprehensive explanation of Ouija board history which was helpful in understanding its origins.
I agree with the author when she says, “Talking boards are not for those who live in the confines of narrow-mindedness.” What started out as a legitimate tool to communicate with spirits was demonized and positioned by religion and Hollywood into something they claimed opened a portal to evil spirits. This caused many nightmares for little girls on sleepovers and also sold lots of toys and movie tickets.
Can you attract an evil spirit with a talking board? In all the years I’ve used one, I’ve never encountered an evil one. The author makes it quite clear that you attract spirits who resonate at similar levels and quality as your thoughts, feelings, and behavior at any specific time. As the author explains, the spirits who come through are your invited guests and you should treat them with love and respect just like anyone else you would invite into your home.
“The Spirits of Ouija” is sure to bring a lot of closet channelers and their talking boards out of hiding as well as garner a lot of new converts. Using the information in this book and with time and practice, you too should be able to develop a cadre of spirit friends who you enjoy speaking with, just as you enjoy getting together with your earthly friends. Talking boards are not just for contacting your dead Aunt Agnes anymore, but for reaching into other realms and bringing through the unseen, intelligent beings who have much to tell you.

Dawn Delcastillo
Dawn Delcastillo

Dispelling The Myths
I Have used Ouija boards since I was a child. I was naive, curious and empowered all at the same time. I was fortunate enough to be raised by parents that were open minded enough to allow me to explore, even if they didn’t believe all that I did. My father was an avid user of the ouija and had done years of research and documented all that he discovered in a journal. Looking back I wish I would have found those items and kept them.
Fast forward 20 years and I am now getting back into Ouija and started seeking out books on the subject so I could learn best practices and also about other experiences. This book is the best on the subject.
Karen does a great job of dispelling the misconceptions about Ouija usage and ensures you will feel comfortable on your own journey with spirit. If you have been told that ouija is evil, and that your curiosity is negative and should be ignored, I encourage you to read this book and think for yourself.
Outside of her great ability to write and share, Karen is also just a wonderful human being on all levels. If you are looking for a non-judgmental and interesting perspective I highly recommend you read her books and seek her out on youtube….

Marla Martenson
Marla Martenson

A Wealth Of Information
I loved this book. For anyone interested in learning about using the Ouija Board, this is a must read. There are certain things that must be done before using the board, to protect yourself for example. The board is an incredible way to connect with angels, guides and other beings. I love using my board, but it took some time to be able to use it alone. The author breaks down exactly what you need to do/know, step by step. She also has many interviews and videos on Youtube, so be sure to check those out for even more information and history on this amazing tool.


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