The Spirits of Ouija: Four Decades of Communication

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The Spirits of Ouija: Four Decades of Communication is a “Tell All” book, exploring Karen’s personal forty years worth of Spirit Communications via the Ouija Board. She shares the how to’s, the don’ts, the warnings and the recommendations so you too can have meaningful and deeply relevant Ouija experiences. Read about all of the various type of entities with whom Karen has been in contact over the years. Learn how to tap into your Higher Self for divine guidance and learn to listen to this guiding principle that resides within. Get ready for a phenomenal exploration into consciousness. You will meet a whole new world awaiting your contact!



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23 reviews for The Spirits of Ouija: Four Decades of Communication

  1. Lorraine Johnson

    Great Book
    I didn’t quite know what to expect when I ordered this book. I am happy to say it was absolutely enthralling. I couldn’t put it down. Very well written! Methodical and intelligent coverage of a topic that is sometimes controversial. I didn’t want the book to end!

  2. David Dellman

    The Spirits of Ouija by Karen A. Dahlman is one of the best books every written on the spirit board
    Until I read The Spirits of Ouija I was convinced that the two greatest books on Ouija had already been written. Those two books are Voices from the Void by Hester Smith (1919), and The Ouija Book by Gina Covina (1979). It is my delight to these two great books to add a third – The Spirits of Ouija.
    There are three elements within the pages of The Spirits of Ouija that I believe make it a must read for anyone interested in contact with Spirit or the use of the board.
    First, Karen offers solid evidence of the continuity of life. I don’t want to give away in a review what I thought was the most breathtaking part of her book but I was excited by her blindfold test that provided clear evidence to her sitters of the continuity between this life and the next. Our consciousness does survive the transition we call death and we can communicate with those on the other side. Karen has proven this and she provides details of that proof in her book.
    The Spirits of Ouija is honest and personal and I think, as a reader, you will find this attractive.
    Second, Karen’s tone is positive, affirming, and optimistic. In fact this is the most optimistic book on the use of the spirit board that I have ever read. Karen is convinced that you can have a good and life affirming experience with the board and in her book she will teach you exactly how to achieve that outcome.
    Gina Covina and Hester Smith, as talented as they were, they did not live in the time of fear and prejudice that is, in our time, in the back of every person’s mind when they hear the name “Ouija.” Karen address and I believes overcomes that fear with detail after detail of positive experiences over four decades.
    Third, Karen offers clear guidance that, if followed, all but assures a positive outcome from your work with the board. In any field of endeavor it helps the beginner greatly if he or she can benefit from the insights of those that have extensive experience. Karen has more than 40 years of successful experience working with the board and you can benefit from her expertise by reading her book.
    Many books offer theory, supposition, or speculation about the board. Karen backs everything she says up with documented results. She has kept careful records of her sessions so when she recounts a session or experience there is no loss of detail; she shares it as it happened and every example she chooses to share is in some way instructive.
    In her introduction Karen said, “It is liberating to find out that life never ends…the deceased never leave us. You are never alone.” Karen, it is both liberating and refreshing to read a book that not only affirms the continuity of life but demonstrates for one and all how to connect with that eternal life.

  3. Linda Deir

    You Are Not Alone!
    Having used a talking board myself for over 25 years, it was a pleasure to discover this book and all the great information contained in it. Besides providing a detailed account of her younger years growing up with the Ouija board and her early experiences with it, I enjoyed her comprehensive explanation of Ouija board history which was helpful in understanding its origins.
    I agree with the author when she says, “Talking boards are not for those who live in the confines of narrow-mindedness.” What started out as a legitimate tool to communicate with spirits was demonized and positioned by religion and Hollywood into something they claimed opened a portal to evil spirits. This caused many nightmares for little girls on sleepovers and also sold lots of toys and movie tickets.
    Can you attract an evil spirit with a talking board? In all the years I’ve used one, I’ve never encountered an evil one. The author makes it quite clear that you attract spirits who resonate at similar levels and quality as your thoughts, feelings, and behavior at any specific time. As the author explains, the spirits who come through are your invited guests and you should treat them with love and respect just like anyone else you would invite into your home.
    “The Spirits of Ouija” is sure to bring a lot of closet channelers and their talking boards out of hiding as well as garner a lot of new converts. Using the information in this book and with time and practice, you too should be able to develop a cadre of spirit friends who you enjoy speaking with, just as you enjoy getting together with your earthly friends. Talking boards are not just for contacting your dead Aunt Agnes anymore, but for reaching into other realms and bringing through the unseen, intelligent beings who have much to tell you.

  4. Dawn Delcastillo

    Dispelling The Myths
    I Have used Ouija boards since I was a child. I was naive, curious and empowered all at the same time. I was fortunate enough to be raised by parents that were open minded enough to allow me to explore, even if they didn’t believe all that I did. My father was an avid user of the ouija and had done years of research and documented all that he discovered in a journal. Looking back I wish I would have found those items and kept them.
    Fast forward 20 years and I am now getting back into Ouija and started seeking out books on the subject so I could learn best practices and also about other experiences. This book is the best on the subject.
    Karen does a great job of dispelling the misconceptions about Ouija usage and ensures you will feel comfortable on your own journey with spirit. If you have been told that ouija is evil, and that your curiosity is negative and should be ignored, I encourage you to read this book and think for yourself.
    Outside of her great ability to write and share, Karen is also just a wonderful human being on all levels. If you are looking for a non-judgmental and interesting perspective I highly recommend you read her books and seek her out on youtube….

  5. Marla Martenson

    A Wealth Of Information
    I loved this book. For anyone interested in learning about using the Ouija Board, this is a must read. There are certain things that must be done before using the board, to protect yourself for example. The board is an incredible way to connect with angels, guides and other beings. I love using my board, but it took some time to be able to use it alone. The author breaks down exactly what you need to do/know, step by step. She also has many interviews and videos on Youtube, so be sure to check those out for even more information and history on this amazing tool.

  6. Ryan Espich

    for the better. She covers how to use the Board SAFELY
    I cannot stress enough how important this book is for the Ouija User. Everything you can possibly want to know, is in this book. Most of all Karen has made the biggest impact on my life, for the better. She covers how to use the Board SAFELY, properly, opening and closing your sessions. I mean there just isn’t anything in this book that isn’t fantastic! I myself have been using the Ouija for 20 years and just as of late, when this book arrived, my world changed, the use of the Ouija changed. I’m seeing so many positive things coming from the help of ” my spirit friends ” as well.
    This is what the Board needs! A very good light about it and this book does exactly that! Covering the ” Bad Rap ” Hollywood has given and still provides to this day. Karen has taught me how to make TRUE contact with my guides, loved ones and EVEN my own animal, yes he is alive. I HIGHLY recommend to ANYONE considering using this tool to read this book first. Your world will never bee the same. The possibilities are endless.

  7. Karla Monterusso

    Excellent! Excellent Book!
    When people think of the Ouija Board usually they have disdain for it or mostly, they have a fear of it. Karen A. Dahlman sets out to change that view with her book Spirits of Ouija: Four Decades of Communication. In it, she separates fact from myth using her 40 years of experiences with the Ouija Board and spirit communication. She shares her many anecdotes of her communications with spirits, ethereal beings, her guardian spirit whom she calls Mary Angel, communications with a spirit named Wilma Jean and others. She even has communicated with her cats! This book is very insightful and full of positivity as well as interesting but more importantly, it puts the Ouija Board in a more positive and good light. Karen A. Dahlman even designed the book into sections that can be easily reached and referenced but I recommend that you read the book from cover to cover, it will astound you! But what I like is that this book is good for beginners or people contemplating on using the Ouija Board as a tool for spirit communication as she gives out tips and advice throughout the book for good and effective communication with spirits that could be an enlightening experience. All in all this book is simply amazing and I am glad that I have it in my personal library. I most definitely give this book high marks and will guarantee that you will enjoy it!

  8. idram7

    Is it EVIL is it NOT??
    Actually, it’s all about your intention and how your approach it. Karen goes into all this and more in this OUTSTANDING – one of kind book!
    It’s like a owners manual and shows and explains to you how to use the Ouija responsibly and respectfully and safely, and not using it as a fun “game” party board. Although it’s not the only spirit communication device, it’s one that is a powerful tool to use to contact and communicate with the other side. Her web site has some good podcasts interviews she has done, where you can listen to her talking about the book.

  9. Jacob Evans

    Zozologist review
    As a paranormal researcher I approached Karen Dahlman’s book with intrigue and genuine curiosity. I received a copy of her Spirits of Ouija ….4 decades of Communication on a Friday, opening the door to a weekend of quiet reading and contemplation.
    The Ouija maintains a dark reputation held captive to over one hundred years of mystique. Hollywood tales of malevolent forces have weaved into the boards resume ….casting labels into the wooden wonder, and this is where Karen’s philosophy goes against the grain.
    Dahlman paints a different picture with her brushes of positivity, and focuses on the Ouija canvass as a tool of spiritual enlightenment and self empowerment. Karen provides a smooth knowledge of psychology and lays it out on the readers table in a way that keeps us on the edge of our seat. She goes into her experiences without reservation, and introduces us to various spirit guides and paranormal personalities she has met along her journey of inner exploration.
    Having read many other books pertaining to the fabled Ouija, I find this one very different and rewarding to me on a profound personal level. Karen provides a very unique interpretation of the history, methods of contact, and shares with us her insight into the myths that plague this tool of discovery.
    Conscious beings, angels of light, ghosts, even animal contact is explored! I highly recommend this collection of thoughts and intuitive feelings as a guide for anyone seeking a positive reading experience in addition to anyone thinking of placing their hands on a planchette. Before you do, place your hands on this book!

  10. June P

    Excellent book from a long time user of Ouija boards
    Excellent instruction on how to have success using a Ouija board. I heard an interview with her on Coast to Coast A.M. and was intrigued so I purchased the book; and I wasn’t disappointed.

  11. Felipe C

    Impartial and Illuminating!
    Loved how Karen talked about the Ouija board in a frank and wholesome manner. I’ll defintely recommend to my spiritual friends who are interested. Can’t think of a better intro book for the board! 🙂

  12. Edward M. Jeffrey

    I liked the way Karen presented the story of how she became involved with using the Ouija Board. Through the years Karen became well practiced and skillful in using the board and in allowing the areas of her subconscious and unconscious mind to develop mental and psychic skills and abilities. Karen presented her story in a very positive and helpful way. Hopefully Karen’s book will encourage others to develop a wholesome and healthy attitude concerning the use of Ouija Boards.

  13. Blue M.

    This Book is “A MUST” for lovers of the Paranormal and the Afterlife who like to read amazing, enlightening and SERIOUS Books.
    So little and so wrong has been written about Ouija with Hollywood totally distorting the Truth… The author, Karen Dahlman dispels “myths”, corrects wrong assumptions on this subject and takes us to a Profound UNDERSTANDING of The Ouija Board through a complete description of it’s history in America and through her AMAZING personal experiences…. Thrilled to own it. If I ever lost it would buy it again.

  14. ikeboy

    Five stars for Karen Dahlman’s book about ouija. It is amazing to me the misinformation about the use of ouija, and Karen does a great job of clearing it up. Simply, the ouija board can be a great tool for knowledge and truth, healing, empowerment, and contacting other spirits (and pets!) either alive or that have passed. Karen explains the guidelines and warnings in a chapter on “proper use” which I strongly suggest be read before using a ouija board. Long story short, I loved the book, and I feel much more knowledgeable and safe in using this as a tool of spirit communication.

  15. D. Wilson

    Great book!
    Even if you’re not into Ouija boards, this is a really great read. Her insights into the other side are truly beautiful. It’s written in an easy-to-understand way and can really give the reader a lot to think about, as well as great instruction for using this type of divination tool.

  16. Gary K. Nurse

    A good measured view of the phenomena
    I heard Ms Dahlman speak in several forums before buying the book and found her to a well balanced and cautious person as well as ernest practitioner of this type of divination. I particularly liked that she included her lifelong evolution using ‘ a board and she includes her view as a professional therapist. I also liked that she waited some 35 years before publishing on the subject. By including her lengthy personal experiences, some negative, she informs the reader to use a talking board with a high level of knowledge, respect and instruction.

  17. James R. Baxter

    A great introduction
    This is first book I’ve found on the subject and it’s a great training manual for the beginner. It shows validation of the subject. I feel it resolves the issue on negative feelings toward the board’s use.
    As Karen states “use it with integrity”. I feel it is not a game, but how else would it be made available to the public?

  18. Loren Morris

    Phenomenal and good information
    I, too, have been using a spirit board for many years. Karen’s descriptions and experiences in her book mirror my own experiences. I loved this book! Karen has written 13 steps for using the Ouija safely. She has also included an opening prayer that covers anything you could think of. I highly, highly, highly recommend this book as a first authority to go to if you have decided that you would like to start using a spirit/talking board.
    In this book she covers: Types of spirits/beings, communication with your higher self, animals, and spirits. The misconceptions and history of the ouija, her history, proper use, and teachings.
    Her writing style is very comfortable and it makes it easy to read. I felt like I was visiting and we were chatting as I read.

  19. Richard

    Interested in the Ouija Board, then this book is a Must Have!!!
    As a Paranormal Investigator, I found this book a GREAT source of information and have now added it to my Resource Library. Good, Solid and Informative information is hard to come by and this Book ticks all of the boxes. I purchased the book for the excellent information on the proper use of the Ouija but found so much more. If you have ever been interested in the proper use of the Ouija or you are a person like me who works in the paranormal field, this book is a Must Have!!!

  20. Linda Nelson

    More than just a Ouija “how to”
    This book is everything you want to know about the Ouija board but also guidelines on how to use it for positive purposes on your spiritual journey. It is a great follow on to Karen’s previous book. (I recommend reading it first and going through the exercises on how to tap into your inner voice.)
    The book is arranged logically and I literally couldn’t put it down. Karen shares invaluable experiences and lessons learned, not to mention deep spiritual insights. It will make a believer out of you!

  21. Dan Lopez

    Ouija UnDemonized
    Excellent work!!!! That was awesome Karen! Head is still realing… Brought much self reflection… Wild thing about the cats… Great stories… Really has me reflecting .. Hardcore… Thank you Karen! And thank you for writing this, I feel like i know you even more~ From a full history of the accounts leading to the myriad purported creators of the Ouija Board to the cultural conflagaration of the tool. This has ‘in my eyes’ wiped the negative slate clean of it’s past assumptions… While with any tool ‘safety first, which is covered in great detail in the 4th chapter’ it’s the responsibility of the weilder to maintain a safe environment for all involved including the person in charge of the board itself. Having a deep respect myself for the board, I do even more so now. In fact, I look forward to my next experience with the board after over 20yrs. Again, the 4th chapter nailed it for me. Not only did it cover the basics, but went eve further about how we should maintain ourselves regarding connectivity with the other-side in general and our spiritual practices at all times.. Great Read, Highly Recmmended reading for the novice and adept spiritual practitioner. Thank you again Karen!

  22. Pauli Patsek

    Amazing Book!!
    This is more than a Self Help/How to book. Karen takes us on her personal growth journey of using the Ouija Board- how, when, where she began. It’s an amazing, delightful, informative, and humorous read! She debunks the myth of the dangerous connotation and reputation that Ouija has. Reading this book is like having an absorbing visit with a good friend. It’s a real page turner with amazing revelations. Buy this book: it’s a must read!

  23. Heidi

    Mystical and Enlightening
    I read this book because I read Karen’s book “The Spirit of Creativity…” and found it so synchronous and helpful in my life. I have not previously considered Ouija before. My previous ideas have been of it as a silly party game. In her book, Karen talks about how to use the ouija board to learn about ourselves and beyond. She dismisses ouija as bad or good and instead as a tool not much different from pen and paper. What the tools produce depends on the intentions of the people using them. This book talks both about her personal experiences and detailed instructions and tips on how to use ouija in a positive way.
    What I most admire about Karens view is that her focus is on personal and universal growth. Her message is that we have boundless potential and that we can communicate with our inner selfs as well as with spirits, guides, and etherial beings. Her interest is for the purpose of learning and spiritual advancement and always with underlying intentions of love and light. Anyone with similar motivations, I believe, would enjoy this book.

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