My dad passed away almost 4 yrs ago. We had a very close relationship and used to have spiritual and even esoteric long talks throughout his life. He told me how years ago one day his brother and he tried a Ouija board and their mom had reached out to them, which they wrote out on paper. She was specific and also wanted to let them know she was ok. Now fast forward many years later, my father has passed but when he was alive he always said if God allows me, I will always be here for you and our family. I’ve had a board for years unopened in my closet, but about 8 months ago, I started feeling drawn to it. Finally, I opened it and my dad reached out to me in words I cannot doubt. I think I became a bit obsessed with the board for a few months, to the point that I thought it was becoming unhealthy for me. I think it became a game, and what was being said on the board was a mixture of true and false, if that makes sense. So I threw it out. Fast forward months later, I kept feeling drawn to it again. I finally purchased one and I think my dad still communicates with me, but it’s not as intense as it was before. But I’ve also grown more spiritually in the past few months. So my questions are. What are your thoughts about it all. Also, I don’t care to do the board with someone else…thoughts on that. And how can I use it to grow and develop spiritually?

Thank you for any advice and thoughts.



Hello MB ~

Thank you for sharing your experience with the Board, including your father’s experience. As you have discovered, this tool does work to help you learn that you can make contact with transitioned loved ones. I do want to say this, as in life and as in what we call “death,” a person knows what they know and that continues with them when they transition. They don’t necessarily become all-knowing, yet my experience has been that they gain more insight as to why we as a human species are here on earth and what matters the most within an incarnation. In a sense they obtain a “wake up” call to those things they might have missed when given that chance to incarnate into their recent life. Every single one of them has spoken about love and being fine and often very happy about their transition back into spirit. It’s the stuck, earth-bound spirits who don’t have that experience until they discover their light within—their link back to their spiritual selves. I’ve met many of those as well. Those are the ones that tend to be the “tricksters” and are unaware of their transition. Also, they aren’t “evil” or “demonic,” as many would like you to believe. No, instead they are stuck in their heavy duty emotions of fear, anger, confusion, chaos and any number of feelings that influence a lower vibration.

To move beyond the level of the “tricksters,” is to work through what I refer to as “the dead zone.” I have found that most everyone ever using a Board will run into these “trickster” and they will receive conflicting messages, especially in the beginning stages of using this tool. This is why I always say, don’t trust the accuracy of the messages until you gain consistency of messages over time. There is no clear cut time-frame this will take, as it’s really up to the individual operating the Board and I have found that this progression is directly related to one’s own spiritual growth, which affects one’s heart intelligence.

I must point out that it’s not the Board that works, but rather it’s the operator of the Board that works! This is an important concept to learn and fully understand. When we give power over to the Board, as if it’s some mysterious toy, tool, game or crutch that does the work of contact, we stunt our own spiritual growth and then we come to believe that we must use a Board to do this work. The problem with this thinking is that we will miss the realization and practice that we are powerful beings capable of delving into the unseen realms with ease and that this type of connection is just not reserved for the holy men, saints and psychics. Once you can move beyond this limited thinking, your spiritual development will expand exponentially. It’s really quite astounding.

Now, to develop spiritually with this tool is to study, learn and practice working with energies away from the Board. Take classes on energy work, light work and self-hypnosis to name a few. Work on the powers of your imaginal faculty, such as through guided meditations to find your light within, to grow this light and expand it out into the ether. Participate with others in prayer groups and psychic development classes. You really are a powerful being of light first and foremost and will return to this space once again when you are complete with your physical incarnation. To really do this Board work on a spiritual level, such as moving beyond the Dead Zone and into higher octaves of consciousness, then come to the powerful “Center” of yourself first. This means building up this part of yourself through tapping into your heart. That is why it’s called, “heart intelligence.” It’s truly the heart that is your portal into these communications, experiences, empowerment and the unseen realms. There are many, many different paths that will help you with this. The common bond these paths share (and how you will recognize these paths) is that each one will help you find this opening within where self-love is infinite. Once you touch this space within, you will find your Center and know that you are safe and are an expression of Source.

As you develop this part of yourself, fears will begin to melt away, your Board work will progress exponentially and you will meet the most unconditional beings of light and unconditional love. Also, coming from such a space while using the tool of the Board, you will speak to your transitioned loved ones on an even more profound and deeper level and you will move beyond any fears that have been projected upon the Board either by yourself and/or by others. Who knew that a Talking Board could be used in such a manner to support your spiritual development? It’s a natural progression once you come to the Board from a space of being within your Center.

On a final note, yes, you can use this tool by yourself. I address this in the following three articles; I invite you to check them out:
Working the Ouija Board Solo
Using the Board Alone
Solo Ouija: Is it Safe?

I wish you much love along this path of returning home to your Center.

Happy Boarding…


Karen A. Dahlman ©

Author of: The Spirits of Ouija: Four Decades of Communication

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