I listened to your interview on Coast to Coast Am a while back and was intrigued by your experiences with the Quija board. I myself have had some awesome experiences as well: at one point in my life when I was younger with my then husband and also within the past 4 years by myself. I was wondering if you have come across many people that are able to work the board alone? I use a custom board that my ex husband made, which I call an Angel Board, but using the same concept as the Quija. I’ve been so blessed to have made contact with a wonderful group of guides and angels that I’ve been working with consistently to hone my skills. What are your thoughts on this?

Thank you so much,



Hi Terri,

It’s always music to my ears hearing about others with such positive and uplifting communications while using a Board. I truly feel that the key is contacting and working with guides and angels. Such light beings have no ulterior motive or agenda other than to be an unconditional supporter of love for us, while guiding us to do the same with ourselves and with others.

Terri, it’s amazing how many people out there are using the Board alone! I had no idea until I received many contacts from the various radio shows I do from people like yourself. In fact, I now have several close friends who use their Boards alone as well. They too have inspirational communications because they work within the realms of higher vibrational energies or with transitioned loved ones.

You know, the only reason why I used the Board with a partner (and it’s still my preferred way) is because that was what I thought you were supposed to do. At least that’s what it said to do on the back of the box it came in! I have always had people around me who wanted to use the Board with me over the many years I’ve been using a Board. I’ve had the time to discover how the energies change, shift and grow, dependent upon the partner with whom I am choosing to work the Board. I’ve learned some fascinating information about why it works better with some people and not so well with others. There are so many influences to this, but the one most important influence to receiving outstanding and accurate communications is the level of one’s heart intelligence and how that matches and works with your partner’s. When you work in partnership, you have to think about these things.

When you work alone, you only have to rely upon your own energy and your own heart intelligence. So, it makes it cleaner and simpler in one regard, but you still have to get over that hump of wondering if you are pushing it. Once you are over that questioning, the rest as you know, is simply being guided around the Board by the planchette and following it.

I too started using the Board alone about four years ago and that’s because I wanted to explore this option, which I did and still do from time to time. I currently have an excellent Board partner and it’s wonderful to receive the messages together, discuss them and grow with the spectacular information we receive together.

However, I do feel that when someone is new to this tool, it is almost easier to learn to allow the planchette to move when there are two on the planchette and at the Board. The two are less inclined to think that their own self is pushing it, they have to build trust in their partner for not pushing it and they come to the conclusion together that quite possibly something else is happening here. Once in that frame of mind, away goes the worry, the planchette goes and the message flows. Plus, in the beginning stages of using such of a tool, until the energies one connects with are honed, the messages can be all over the place and often inaccurate. So, it’s good to navigate through them with another person as a sounding board. That’s the beauty of working this tool with a partner. Having said that, one can still get to a place of worthy messages by oneself, it just take more time typically.

As long as you feel empowered, inspired and uplifted from this work, as it definitely sounds like you are, then enjoy your personal journey with your lovely Angel Board. I wish you much success with honing your skills wielding the Ouija independently.

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