I’ve been exploring my spiritual side a lot this year and want to start working with the ouija board but the only people I can find that are interested, I feel, are approaching it from the wrong direction (treating it as a party, alcohol involved, etc).
In the beginning I’m only really interested in meeting my guides and angels. If I do this, setting that as the intent, do you think it safe for me to operate the board alone? Or do you think with my limited understanding there may not be enough energy to get a response?
Thanks. Ben


Hello Ben,

Wonderful! Glad to hear that you are diving into the exploration of your spirituality. You will eventually discover that it is everything that you are and you’ll see it not as a “side” to you, but the totality of who you are. You definitely get it when it comes to using this tool in a productive manner! Those two very different types of spirits just don’t mix well at all and imbibing or being silly around this tool will just delay one from developing one’s abilities to open to the other realms and dimensions in healthy ways.

Yes, starting with your guides, angels, guardians and ethereal helpers is the best place to start! That way, you can establish connections with those who truly love you unconditionally and want to assist you to excel in your greatest expressions.

Now, I would have to ask you a question back? Do you, Ben, feel that YOU will be “safe” using the Board alone? I ask because you really need to gauge where you are with this tool. Take a look at what you’ve been told or heard about this tool. I know, there is a lot of “crap” out there on the internet and Hollywood has created much fear around this enigmatic piece of cardboard or wood. How do you feel about this tool? What do you know about this tool? Now, if I tell you that you will be “safe,” will that really help you feel safe when you are alone with the Board in your home learning to use it?

If I may, this is what I suggest and I do suggest you read through these slowly and take your time to work through each of them:

1.) Take an inventory of all of the thoughts and feelings you have about this tool. This includes the “ouijastitions” you have heard about it. This includes what certain groups, individuals and institutions have expressed about this tool. What are these? How do you feel about these?

2.) Next, familiarize yourself with the history of this tool. This is important because it will explain how this tool came about and why. Know that this tool was created with good intentions for many to speak with their deceased loved ones they lost in the wars and know that this device is merely a tool. You, the operator, are the key player within this combination of Board and you.
(Note:  I have a link on my website to the best website that does an incredible job historically explaining everything about this tool. It’s owned by my personal friend, Robert Murch. History of OUIJA. )

3.) Then, since you are already on a spiritual journey, decide how you’d like to incorporate your spiritual practices/explorations/discoveries into your work with the Ouija Board. This is so important. Remember when I mentioned earlier that you will discover that your spirituality truly is the totality of who you are and doesn’t need to be compartmentalized or just a “side” to you? Well, this is where that thought comes into great use.

4.) Create a mental, emotional and physical space where you’d like to do this Ouija Work. Introduce your spiritual studies to this work. This would include those spiritual thoughts, feelings and practices that assist you to feel centered, aligned, grounded, aware and most importantly empowered within yourself and in unison/connection with the Divine Source. Learn that you are not separate from this energy.

5.) Surround yourself with talismans if you feel called to them (not necessary, though.) Find a spot within your home that feels comfortable without distractions to focus your undivided attention to the Ouija Board work.

6.) Everything I listed above is to help you raise your vibration with the assistance of resources outside of you and most importantly, from the resources within you. After all, using this tool in the manner you desire does require establishing a vibration that matches the frequency of these beings. With each session you do at the Board, regardless if it moves right away or takes some time, will contribute to the overall goal of changing your frequency to reaching higher octaves of vibrations. Notice I don’t mention anything about needing to establish “safety” or “protection.” That is because if you are already learning to recognize yourself as connected to Source (through your spiritual practices), you will never be unprotected. However, if you feel that you need that additional assistance, then employ even more of #4 and #5.
So, let me ask you another question after you have considered all of the above, do you feel safe within yourself and your spiritual pursuits? If your answer is yes, well then, you know your answer here!

Ben, I wish you much success along your spiritual pursuits, which will include from time to time, talismans, tools and techniques, but ultimately these items are merely your permissions, authorizing you to traverse the realms of exploration and discovery.


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