Hello Karen, just wanted to say I have read your book The Spirits of Ouija: Four Decades of Communication and it’s amazing. I Have my own spirit board which I use on my own and have had great results. Quick question, how can I know that my dad really came through instead of a spirit pretending?



Hi Angela. Thank you!! I’m very glad to hear that you enjoyed The Spirits of Ouija and great news about your own Board work too.

You will know it’s your father (or another loved one for that matter) because it will “resonate” with you in a strong way. When we work within these “unseen” dimensions, we learn to develop our 6th senses over time and these intuitive/empathic/sensitivities within us will let us know. You’ll begin to feel a “knowing” within yourself. This could be in your heart, your gut or even through signs, such as chills throughout your body. You must learn to read your own body, heart and gut, which will develop over time. Your body literally becomes your indicator, internal GPS or the means to gauge your work.

Best thing to do, is record/write your sessions down and over time, see if there is a consistency to your messages. You may not know right away, so just tuck the info/messages away and continue your work. But, learn to trust yourself and your own knowing and in time, you will come to know who everyone is that chooses to communicate with you. However, to do this will take much practice, patience over time with the willingness to not trust the accuracy of the messages fully or all at once! Don’t rush this process, just allow it and take your time with believing or not believing everything you receive. Eventually, your belief in yourself (Source) will only reveal the Truth to you.

Happy Boarding…


Karen A. Dahlman ©

Author of: The Spirits of Ouija: Four Decades of Communication

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