Hi Karen how are you? I just thought I’d give you an update on how we are getting on using the board. It’s been great on every time. I try not to use it too much–about once every 3-4 months, sometimes more sometimes less. Sometimes it’s slow to start, but picks up. Once the glass was quite forceful, but there were 3 of us instead of the normal 2, so don’t if that made a difference? Each time I ask for a family member and so far it felt like it is……my Mum still says you could think it’s your relative but it could be an evil spirit pretending to be that person. What do you think? I’m only asking, as you have given me such good advice before.

xx Julie


Hello Julie.

It’s very nice to hear from you and thank you for keeping me posted to your work with the Board. It all sounds really good. You’ve got good movement, you are working with another or a couple of people (yes, the combined energy will affect the connections, which sounds good in your case) and you are getting messages.

There are always those people who have their own fears about reaching into the unseen dimensions. They are the ones who will grab and hold onto any superstition or story they are told about such work, for example, with the Ouija board. Often this is because they don’t want to explore outside of their comfort zones and instead would prefer that you don’t either and “fear” becomes their reason to hold back! Too often the Board is blamed for unpleasant experiences even though the Board is just a neutral object and it is really the person who uses the Board who does all of the work and makes the connection with the unseen dimensions. The Board is just a tool not unlike your mobile phone, your automobile or a hammer. They are just instruments, devices or tools and you are the operator of them. You control how they are used, while they hold no magical power.

You will know that it is a positive influence or a loved one because of how you feel about the communication within your heart. If you feel low, bad or receive any negative messages, I can guarantee you it is not one from your loved ones, unless they were ugly when alive. It will not be from your guides/beings who have your best interest at heart if they are inconsistent, controlling or demeaning. If you ever question the message, first question the messenger (YOU!) because your own beliefs, perceptions, filters and fears will influence the communications when you operate the Board. What you fixate upon, you will draw the like to yourself. Yet, you sound so positive and uplifted by your work with the Board that it sounds to me that you are receiving messages from those who love you.

Learn to trust yourself. If YOU FEEL that you are getting messages from a “trickster” type of character–not because someone else made this suggestion, but because you feel this yourself, then trust yourself. Back away from those communications or just take them with a grain of salt. Keeping the messages you received, recorded in a notebook as you receive them, while including any of your own comments and feelings about the session can also help you gain a perspective about the messages you are receiving. You can review these communications over a period of time and gain further clarity. The best bit of advice I can give you here is to enjoy the messages and the process of receiving them as they happen, remain patient with the communications as clarity reveals itself and deepen your trust within yourself by acknowledging what you feel through this process.

Just remember that you ALWAYS have the ability to stop the communications, thus the session if you ever feel something is questionable. You are in the driver seat. The more you feel “Centered” within yourself (grounded and protected within your space inside and out,) the more you will be able to pull in positive influences. It’s a process to get to this point where you know you are centered, solid, grounded and protected while doing this work, but the best way to get to this space is keep up your spiritual practices away from this tool and your sessions so you can begin to TRUST your heart, your energy and your ability to bring out the best in everyone and all that you come across. This includes those who exist in other realms.

Personally, I don’t believe in EVIL/demonic forces within my world. Guess what? I don’t get that kind of stuff either because when/if I do encounter anything that is lost, negative, ugly via this tool, I just acknowledge them as someone that is hurt. After all, people alive in the world can do atrocious and heinous acts of cruelty, but when they were first born, they were as innocent as the next baby. I see all people and beings this way. I find that innocent part within them and interact with them from that space. When I do (my book gives examples of this,) they either move on or dissolve their tough exterior.

We all come from Source. We are all an extension of Source and I will go as far as saying Everyone and Everything is Source. So, work from this space and this is what you will receive not only in life, but on and off the Board.

Happy Boarding…


Karen A. Dahlman ©

Author of: The Spirits of Ouija: Four Decades of Communication

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