Hi Karen, I was given a ouija board by one of my friends 3 months ago. I haven’t used it yet as I have 3 boys. My question is, is it safe to use a ouija board when you have children in the house? Thank you, Sam


Hi Sam ~

Thank you for reaching out. You are not alone when you ask this question. At one point, it was a question I was asked quite often that I did a YouTube video about it. You can catch it here. Then, I took it a step further and talked about everywhere you can use a Ouija Board and you can watch this video here.

The important thing to think about here is “how do you feel about and view this tool?”

If you have fears around this tool because of the stereotype and stigma about the Board, then you may want to refrain from using this tool around your boys or for that matter, at all. I can tell from your question below, you care about their well-being, but there must be some trepidation to using it within the house or you would not have asked the question if it is “safe” to use a Board in the house.

So, I suggest you explore this “trepidation” you may have around using this tool. Ask yourself, from where did this originate? Also, ask yourself, “why do I want to use a Board?” Get clarity on your fears and why you want to move forward with this tool. You need to be super clear in your mind how you view this tool, how you use it and why you are using it. So, if you do move forward and use this tool in your house, you can be ready for your children to inquire about it and you will have the answers to educate them and not frighten them.

I’m certain the last thing you want to do is instill fear in their minds! Look at it this way, if this tool is a cool piece of artwork and no fears are projected upon it, then no drama can be created around it—not by you nor by your boys. If you don’t feed the stigmas and approach this tool from a neutral space, then it’s just cardboard or wood, which you happen to like because…….xxxx and xxxx reasons (you fill in the blanks.)

What I’m getting at, Sam, is that so much and too much unnecessary drama has been created around this tool that never needed to be there in the first place. We’ve become quite ridiculous about this tool and the internet is a prime example of this! Think of it this way, you are the operator of this tool and if it goes south, don’t blame the Board or “energies,” instead look at yourself as the “medium,” if you will, and point the finger at yourself for attracting, engaging and CREATING such communications. Yes, I did say, “creating” because we get to choose what type of experiences we have while using this tool and the experiences are chosen by our thoughts (intents) whether they are conscious or unconscious. Again, this is why I ask you to really get clarity on how you feel and view this tool. Decide if you believe in the negative press the Ouija often receives or if you view this device as an extraordinary communication tool for positive experiences and nothing more.

Since you asked about safety, I have an article for you to read about the concept of attracting bad spirits with the Board. You will find it here.

I’m really glad that you are thinking about your influence upon your boys. Your influence will never be because of a Board, but rather your influence is about how your view, react to and educate them about this tool when they are curious. They will ultimately respond to this tool the same way you do, especially if they are younger impressionable kids.

Notice I didn’t feed into any of the silly internet hype, television and Hollywood sensationalism or printed words out there that warn about an impending doom from a piece of cardboard or wood and how portals to demons will open. Really? No, in fact, I placed the position of power back on you, the operator because ultimately, your mind and the faculty of your imagination will be the one that rules this tool.

Happy Boarding…


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