Hi Karen. I’m making my board tomorrow. I have purchased everything I need, but before I do I want to check with you if it possible to bring bad spirits in and not be able to get rid of them?
Also, I read not to use it at home. Where would you suggest?



Hi Julie,

Where are you finding this nonsense? 😀 Too many people on the internet and elsewhere have such a misunderstood view about their fears, how these spill over into their lives and ultimately, effect this tool! Yet, they love to share these falsehoods everywhere. I really hope you venture over to my website and read the posts under Articles>The Art of Talking Boards and review the articles to which you feel drawn. These will help you understand this tool from a positive perspective, while addressing the ingredient of fear.

I am going to answer your first question: “Is it possible to bring bad spirits in…?” To answer this question, I would have to ask you in turn this question: What are your personal beliefs about this happening? Since you are inquiring, I would assume that you believe this to be so! Now, my personal answer to this questions is: No, no bad spirits can come through my Board or for that matter, into my life. Now, why would I say this and so many other people would give you such dire warnings? Well, it’s really quite simple. They live in fear-based worlds of their own creations. They are operating out of their lower chakras where the world is threatening and they believe and cling to every fear that others have espoused to them. They also cling to their own internal fears (maybe conscious or unconscious) as reality and project these fears outwardly because they have left them unchecked. However, you will need to determine what your Board represents to you and you will therefore, determine what type of communications you will have.

If you want a peaceful, loving experience like you shared previously with me about the mediums who used a Board with you, then make your Board with these intentions and only use your Board when you internally feel peaceful and loving. Think of it this way: Is your vehicle dangerous? Well, Yes and No. It’s dangerous if you operate it dangerously, like driving it while imbibing mood or mind altering substances, texting while driving or not following the traffic lights and signs. However, it isn’t dangerous when you apply the rules of the road. You see, Julie, your vehicle and the Board are just neutral devices/tools that help you get from point A to point B whether you are traversing the highways and freeways of the land or you are traversing the unseen dimensions. First and foremost, use all tools, including the Board, with skill, care and good intentions. Then good experiences will ensue wherever you choose to use the Board. It really boils down to your choice.

What do you choose?

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