We are in the day of technology. I believe you can find anything and everything in your app store. So the other day (more like two weeks ago) I was playing around on the phone and thought..huh I wonder if they have Ouija Boards apps? And of course, they do. They have several. So I downloaded a few. Why not try them all right? Most didn’t really do anything. The planchette never moved. But then I found one, and it worked. Well I believe it worked. I was actually very amazed at the answers I received.

So my question, yes there is one. How do you feel about the Ouija Board apps? I do not own a board, I’ve just used the app, and I’m hooked. Do you think an app can be as reliable as a board?



Hi CF,

You are so right! In this time of rapid growth in technology, new and approved apps are constantly being created. It’s fun to see what’s out there. I too have explored the Ouija Apps as I was curious and I’ve been asked about them from time to time. I think it’s great that you are exploring these as well.

When I first discovered a few of them several years ago, they were not that good and although I tried them with the same seriousness I use when approaching the traditional Ouija Board, I couldn’t get much out of them. I figured they were just a novelty item and for play. I discovered one that will only move when your fingers are on it. You are supposed to ask a question when it rests on the speaker icon at the center of the Board on your screen and then away it goes. It stops if your fingers are not on it. I found this amusing and intriguing. However, the answers it spelled out were reminiscent of the Magic 8 Ball that was very popular in the 70s. The answers are so general that they could be applied to any situation, if stretching the meaning of it to fit. I really chalked this one and the others up to fun and games.

After trying many out, I found another app. that didn’t move on it’s own, yet to allow it to move and spell I had to stretch myself to “feel” the subtle energies of an outside influence assisting the electronic planchette to move. It was moving, but without having the tangible sensation of a physical planchette, I found it a very laborious and tough for me to shift to this new process without a tangible and physical object. Now, I’d have to admit that I’m not used to working in this manner either, but if I took the time to work with this electronically, I believe it could work.

You know many people throughout the ages have experienced and reported interactions with the “other side” through various electronic means and equipment. The paranormal investigator’s tool kit is full of such. Many years ago, people reported receiving phone calls on their land lines or voice messages on their answering machines from deceased loved ones. I’ve heard and read the stories about radios, televisions and computers providing such types of communications and even recently, hearing about people receiving text messages from the deceased after they have passed. All coming through electronic means.

So, if you find it is working for you, then continue using this form of communication. I say, “why shouldn’t this form of communication work and eventually become reliable?” It just will require developing your inner sensitivities to be able to discern the subtle movements of the spirits interacting with you in this electronic manner. However, I always say, no matter what message you are receiving via a tangible Board or now, an electronic Board, in the beginning continue to be wary to the accuracy of the messages until much time has passed and many consistent messages have come through.

I wrote an article about this because I must tell you, it was many, many years before I came to a place that I could fully trust the messages that came through. Now, having my consistent guides of 22 years (for the current group with whom I work), they bring in reliable and profoundly accurate information every time.

Thank you for your question and let’s pray that your phone does not become possessed! LOL!!

Happy Electronic Boarding!


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