Hello Karen,

I am wondering how to learn how to communicate with my spirit guide and to open my mind up to possibly further degrees of spirits. What books will help me with learning this.

Thank you for your time.


Hello Steve

Working with our Spirit Guides and the myriad energies of Spirit, in my world, are the most exciting, rewarding and life-enhancing relationships we can engage! I am thrilled to hear that you are opening up to commence your journey with these realms. It’s really quite natural.

There are many books out there that will call to you, now, since you have opened your awareness, asked the question and welcome the teachings. And, these books will come to you via your Spirit Guides’ support and assistance. So, now, really pay attention to books that are suggested to you by others, by a show you are listening to or watching, by a “random” walk through a metaphysical bookstore, by reaching out to others as you have done here and the list goes on! The Spirit Guides will speak to you at first in often what appears to be indirect ways. Their communications will come through synchronistic events that are happening within your life and through, quite often, the subtle suggestions of a new book you should read. Trust how you feel inside when you receiving such suggestions for books. This feeling will be your Higher Self talking to you and soon you’ll feel the Guides as well. There are so many different ways to communicate more deeply with the other dimensions and realms that are vibrating beyond our frequency that so many different techniques will apply. I have found over the years that I employ quite a few different techniques, however, I covered several of them in two articles I wrote a bit ago. In case you’d didn’t read them on my website, here are their links:

Connecting with Your Spirit Guides
Hearing Your Higher Self: Techniques to Strengthen the Communication

Steve, the most important thing you can do for yourself as you venture on this journey with your Guides is to discover ways that will help you know the essence of Source within yourself. I call this being in your Center or aligned with the Divine. This means that you work on strengthening your vibration so you can live outside of fear and come to know that you are always safe, protected and guided. Any technique, tool or practice that helps you align to this Universal Truth will assist you with the connections your desire. So, start by trusting your intuition when a technique, tool, book, philosophy, practice, etc calls to you. My Spirit Guides told me once, “There are no problems and there are no solutions for everything is perfect, complete and whole, precisely as they are and just the way you created them for your own evolution.” When we see life this way, we come to realize every experience is a gift, although, sometimes “hidden,” but nevertheless a gift to help us awaken. ANY book that you feel called to will assist you with this journey. The first step is trusting this.

I wish you much joy along this very exciting journey…


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