Your questions: Who are my spirit guides? How do I meet them? How will she appear? What is his name?

Their questions: How do you know I haven’t already been in contact? Would you be able to recognize me when I appear?

When it comes to understanding your relationship with your spirit guides, your guardian angels and other ethereal helpers, the number one misconception is to automatically envision yourself as being disconnected from them to start. Instead, they beg to differ and want you to know that they are literally just a breath away.

The next fallacy you may believe is that they have to look and appear to you in a specific way. You’ve heard enough stories through reading and watching programs that they must obviously take on a human-like form, surrounded in a stereotypical bright light and donning fantastic wings, appearing to you at the foot of your bed while the angelic choir sings. My spirit guides once said to me, “Is it possible the homeless family that is asking for help is really a group of angels there to help you?” Judgment is a limitation.

Another assumption, which can limit you in making contact, is if you think your guide and angel must have a name such as Michael, Gabriel, White Feather, Melchizedek or another spiritually based name in order to be legitimate. Now, don’t get me wrong; it’s not that those names can’t or won’t be the name of your guide, but expecting to receive such of a traditional name can keep you from making the connection more readily and receiving the name that is indicative of your unique relationship. It’s all too easy to establish unnecessary blocks through one’s rehearsed criteria and preconceived notions as to how something should be, rather than how something organically just is. Names are not important within their realm of vibration, but they will offer a name that allows you to feel comfortable with the connection.

In order to move beyond any of these limitations and welcome these loving, supportive and inspirational relationships within your life, the following suggestions are shared to assist you with establishing these connections and deepening the ones you already have.

1. Invite Them.
Ask them to present themselves to you. They respect your free will, so their regular interaction with you starts with your invitation to do so. Make a declaration and request to meet them. State is out loud. This sends an energetic vibration of your desire to your guides. Since they have your best interests at heart they will respond.

2. Be Open.
Keep a journal for this purpose of meeting and working with your guides. Write your proclamation to meet them in it. Write them a letter requesting their presence. Know that they will come to you in myriad ways. Be open. Be ready to see, feel and hear their presence within any circumstance and situation. Record your dreams, day reveries, thoughts and encounters you have. You just never know where your angel will present itself to you. They take many forms to provide you messages, such as a song on the radio, a billboard message along the highway, a conversation you overhear, an animal crossing your path, the feather found along your morning walk or within last night’s dream.

3. Receive a Name.
Try the following exercise within your mind’s eye. Close you eyes and see yourself walking along a beach. Feel the sand in your toes and the cool mist from the ocean waves, brushing your body gently. Hear the waves break. Smell the salt. Enjoy this walk. Walk along the beach until you see a stick writing in the sand. Look down and allow a name to take form while an invisible hand writes. Watch as the name of your guide appears. Let it happen.

4. Be Worthy.
Know your worthiness. Seek the professional assistance you may need if you feel less than worthy of receiving such pure love. This is a very common block that may appear to be real, but in all actually, it is self-imposed and a mistruth. Everyone is included in these relationships, as everyone has guides and often has many guides that change as your adventure in life shifts and as you evolve.

5. Take Ownership.
Know that you have free will and are the craftsman of your experience. Own this. Your spirit guides and guardian angels are here to assist you in your personal empowerment and offer you the greatest gift, the gift of full acceptance. They will never tell you what to do, but they will guide and inspire you to find the answers you seek within and to evolve into your greatest self.

6. Be Joyous.
Have fun with this process and relationship. Joy begets a higher vibration, which creates an energetic pathway, allowing you to tap into powerful dimensions of creativity, inspiration, wisdom and assistance. Being in this space helps to make it effortless to experience your guides, as this is where they exist.

The beauty of this type of relationship is that whether or not you know your guides and angels exist, they are nonetheless present and with you always. You are never alone, as this is a path of infinite unfolding, providing a profound experience of unconditional love, and quite possibly, even a choir of angels singing.

Your spirit guides are awaiting…

Karen A. Dahlman ©


Author of: The Spirit of Alchemy: Secret Teachings of the Sacred Reunion

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