The Higher Self is always with you and ever-present. It is that part of you that is not only present within the awareness of your personal Self, but extends beyond the physical body and into the cosmos as an aspect of Source.

If you have heard about this Higher Self concept, you probably desire a presentable understanding of what it is and how to reach it, as it’s often viewed as something that is nebulous—unattainable to personal knowing and outside of yourself. You may not know how to strengthen your connection between the personal Self and the Higher Self. The trick is to realize that you have a metaphorical plug and all you have to do is find the Higher Self’s socket and plug into it. It really can be that easy to do, once you discover the avenues to this socket.

You benefit from plugging into your Higher Self. This connection feels as if you have received an additional boost of energy to your system. You may feel a sense of growing excitement in the moment, drawing blissful experiences that leave you feeling an incredible sense of awe to the ever-present beauty surrounding you even in the most inconspicuous of places, such as that flower that has endeavored to grow through a crack in the sidewalk. You may feel your connection to others and a deepening of empathy towards them. You may feel an overwhelming sense of peace or love unexpectedly.

Being plugged in is when you are at your best and you feel on top of the world, as if nothing can go wrong. You feel as if all is aligned within your universe and epiphanies become the norm. It’s as if all of a sudden, the world makes sense and you are right where you need to be right now. Well, in fact, you are! At some time or another, every single one of us has had such moments.

Being in communion with your Higher Self promotes these types of interconnected, synchronistic moments. The goal is to spend more and more of your waking time plugged in. Know that when you are asleep, you are already plugged in. It’s when you are awake that you will have the most struggles staying plugged in. Yet with practice, you can learn to spend more and more time plugged into your Higher Self.

The following are six techniques (avenues) you can consciously employ to find the socket of the Higher Self and plug into this vast reservoir of infinite inspiration and wisdom waiting to be tapped:

1. Light/Energy Work
Study energy work such as, but not limited to, Reiki, light visualization, polarity therapy, aura cleansing, chakra healing, acupuncture or acupressure. Learn to feel the subtle energies that are present within your experience and learn how to direct and channel these energies. Be open to how you will experience them. Maybe you will see them or maybe you will feel them.

2. Quiet Contemplation/Mediation
Spend time in reflection. Take a walk in nature where you slow down your pace in order to imbibe in the sights and sounds of nature. Be silent and sit in a relaxed position where you release your thoughts and allow quietude.

3. Journaling
Practice the art of writing personal musings. Write a question to your Higher Self and “pretend” that the wisest part of yourself is answering your question. Write from this perspective, while suspending judgment of whether or not you made it up. With practice and your intention, your Higher Self will continue to appear more and more as the generator of the answers to your questions.

4. Dream Work
Record your dreams. Sleep time is the most prominent time when you are completely plugged into your Higher Self. Although your dreams may come to you in the representation of symbols and metaphors, you can learn to decode the often cryptic messages by finding themes amongst your written dreams.

5. Art-making
As an art therapist I can tell you that your awareness in consciousness is expanded when you allow yourself to meander and play with art materials. This is not for the sake of creating a piece of artwork, but instead for the sake of allowing a deep experience of your Self to bubble up to the surface through the media. Scribble on a piece of paper, then look at the random marks and color in what images you may find. Then write what messages these images have to tell you. Your Higher Self is clever and creative. Tap this reservoir.

6. Pursuing Joy
Have fun while deepening this communicative relationship. Joy begets a higher vibration, which creates an energetic pathway, allowing you to tap into powerful dimensions of creativity, inspiration, wisdom and assistance—all from your Higher Self. Being in this space helps to make it effortless to experience your Higher Self, as this is the space it inhabits and presents to you.

Ultimately, being plugged in lets you notice the aliveness of the world, filling you moment by moment with inspiration. Within this space you access the divine inherent spark of creativity, enabling the expansion of your creative thoughts into your world. You are connected. You feel centered and you acknowledge your ability to orchestrate beautiful moments reflected from your Source, as you continue to co-create the life of your desires.


Karen A. Dahlman ©

Author of: The Spirit of Alchemy: Secret Teachings of the Sacred Reunion

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