The MOON – 8/10/15

You are the center of your universe and this is where your ego resides. Never think outside of the box, but rather begin to think outside of the sphere.

Questions to Ponder:

As we follow up with the controversial discussion about the “ego,” we find that the ego can be a necessary function within our lives when redefined as the component of ourselves that supports the development our self esteems, ability to follow our dreams and strive to be our best selves. Everything for the good of all involved.

In this message, “they” remind us to come back to our personal “Center” where we are aligned with the creative functions of the Universe at large. When we are within this creative space, our ego/self esteem can co-create our experiences within life.

They remind us to not see life as being contained by walls, such as with the analogy of the box, but instead envision our worlds as infinitely expanding, as in their analogy of “thinking outside of the sphere.”

Ask yourself, in what area within your world do you have limiting walls? Within what belief system or what situation do you feel like you reside within a contained box–you feel like you cannot move beyond? Once you know where these walls are, envision them transforming into a sphere that expands infinitely out from your Center of your Universe. Can you feel the difference as you transform the walls into spheres of infinity?



Check back often to discover what this “Collective Group of Light Beings” (simply known as The MOON) have to say as they share Ancient Wisdom of the Ages for Practical Applications within Today’s World! They communicate with Karen via the Board and with every session they have teachings to impart and thoughts to ponder…

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