The MOON – 7/23/15

Ego is not a four letter word. Ego is the beginning of all: from nipple to being self aware. What is self esteem? Ego drives the mind to seek the top and rescues us from the darkness. Without it, one will suffer great indignity and live an unfulfilled life.

Questions to Ponder:

How often have you heard the word “ego” being likened to a limiting part of one’s personality or being equated with having an over inflated feeling of pride?

We are being asked to reframe our concept and understanding of what the ego is. How has your ego helped you to develop your self esteem? How has it helped you to develop your passions and dreams? Maybe it’s time to embrace the ego’s function as your ally in leading a fulfilled life.



Check back often to discover what this “Collective Group of Light Beings” (simply known as The MOON) have to say as they share Ancient Wisdom of the Ages for Practical Applications within Today’s World! They communicate with Karen via the Board and with every session they have teachings to impart and thoughts to ponder…

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