Karen, do you realize one of the reasons one should not use a Ouija board alone is because the chance of coming across a malicious spirit who wants to possess you will have a harder time when it’s two body energies versus one body energy? This has been said time and time over by many different psychics as well as those who have closer relation to where actual ouija boards originated. In theory to me it makes a lot of sense. It would be easier to possess a single channel or energy as opposed to two separate bodies of energies.

As my own experience with it, I would NOT advise anyone to try it alone but if they are content in using it alone then to use a method that would have less direct contact such as a pendulum. In essence, if a malevolent entity wants to possess, it will try regardless of how many people are using the board. But it adds for caution and safety to use it in two or more people. Even in the instructions that come with the actual board it mentions how many people and plus is needed to use the board.

In most cases energy is the biggest issue, a weaker spirit will not have enough energy to communicate properly with just one person. With two it gives the spirit access to more energy to communicate more smoothly. When I’ve done communications solo, I find doing it even for a short amount of time under 10 minutes will exhaust me and I need to take a break. So I wouldn’t recommend solo. That and the motor effect we have of moving the planchette causes for greater percentage of error when we do it alone. When there is more than one person there is a slightly lesser chance of error based answers.

I’m a 3rd generation psychic myself, granted I’m a different type of medium.

But with a rise of children using this tool of communication they open themselves up to whatever and it makes it exceedingly dangerous for them as well. I still recommend for those wishing to do solo one on one communication to use a pendulum vs a Ouija board. It is very similar to the ouija board in my experience. Of course if anyone want to use the Ouija board alone or solo then they still will but I would recommend to have some sort of protective stone, charm or necklace while using it alone. Also to have some sort of post grounding method.

Lis P.


Hi Lis P.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience here. The Ouija Board is definitely one of the most, if not the most, controversial spiritual tools/games out there! Everyone seems to have his/her opinion and theory and that’s okay. It is for some people and not for others, not unlike the tarot, the i-ching, runes, dowsing rods, pendulums, automatic writing, EVPs, etc.

Having said that, here is something else to consider. The Board is an inanimate object. It’s just cardboard, wood, masonite and a few other types of materials. There is no malevolent or benevolent energy contained within it. It is just neutral and it is only a tool. Some may see it as a game. Others may see it as a crutch. Nevertheless, it is neutral.

When the Ouija Board was originally created in 1890 by the Charles Kennard Novelty Company and when it was trademarked and patented in 1891 under the moniker “OUIJA,” it was released into the market as a novelty item–“toy” or “game.” There was no thought that this would reach spirits. The creators felt like they were utilizing some type of ideomotor response and it was seen as a form of automatism. Nothing spiritual at all. However, the rise of spiritualism in the United States caught wind of this tool, as they were already creating many different devices to “supposedly” communicate with the deceased. So, they snatched up this novelty item and started using it in their own personal seances. Pretty soon, anyone could literally hold a mini-seance in their home and not have to pay the spiritualist mediums money to reach their deceased loved ones. And…the rest is history!

I have learned from using this tool since 1973 that whatever one receives or obtains through this tool is only an outcome (and reflection) of one’s own inner thoughts, personal filters, fears, beliefs, world views and perceptions, to name a few. This Board becomes the “permission” to enter into the other realms. The tool is NOT needed to do this work, as you know! The Guides have often told people who inquire to any foreseeable “dangers” to the Board by reminding them that “there is more inherent danger in backing your car out of your driveway.”

One of the concepts we work with on this YouTube channel is the concept of personal empowerment. This means that we have guests and messages that speak to discovering and strengthening one’s inner core–the Center of one’s being. Much dialogue and episodes are dedicated to releasing one’s fears and stepping into a co-creative relationship with the Divine spark that resides within everyone. This is Source and when one realizes that they ARE Source, the need for external protection dwindles and the understanding that they are creators of their worlds where Source is found within, they are and have been always protected within that vibration.

So, using this tool from a place of love (not fear), from a place of empowerment (not as a pawn to the external forces) and from a place of high vibration (not from a place of negativity) the Operator gives her/himself permission to commune with the same. The tool becomes the conduit or pathway that allows the Operator to do what is naturally theirs to do.

Whether one uses this tool by oneself or with another is truly up to the individual. It can be done because anyone can venture into these realms with or without a tool. And, most importantly, there is no reason for anyone to be afraid to venture back into the space from which they came and will return to again. It’s time to remind people of just how powerful they are and to use their gift of Free Will from Source as their navigational GPS for they “choose” precisely what type of experiences they will have, whether it’s on the Board or off!

Happy Boarding…


Karen A. Dahlman ©

Author of: The Spirits of Ouija: Four Decades of Communication

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