I want to use the board because as I said I have some positive experiences with it, have contacted a couple of my spirit guides yet when I think about doing another session I get anxiety or when I am doing a session I feel somewhat afraid. A question that I have is how do I get over this anxiety and how can I reprogram the things that have been ingrained in me so that I can use this tool?


When there is a will, there is a way! Because you have had “some positive experiences” with it, you can continue to build upon these and quite frankly, you can learn to only have positive interactions and communications.

In the beginning stages of using this tool, it’s all too easy to fall prey to the pervasive Internet and folkloric hype you’ll find and hear about how this tool is intrinsically demonic and negative. Everyone has his or her own comfort zones when it comes to interacting with the unseen, including the deceased and various energies. So, many just espouse the tales and fears that they’ve heard, read and have scared themselves into believing.

Also, when one first starts using this tool, it’s easiest to make contact with the deceased, especially those who exist within the lower astral levels and are known as the earthbound spirits. These are the spirits that haunt a location and are still attached to the personalities they had when alive. If they were mean and nasty when alive, well, they are STILL mean and nasty when dead. They can behave mischievously and interact as tricksters, spelling silly and negative things on the Board. Yet, there is a way to navigate through and around this level of existence and energy.

How you do this it’s all up to you. My Guides say (via the board), “ARE LETTERS ON THE SIDEWALK EVIL AND SHOULD WE BEGIN TO WALK A PATH AROUND THEM TO NOW ESCAPE THEIR EVIL? BELIEF IS STRONG EITHER WAY. YOU CHOOSE WHAT YOU WANT TO BELIEVE. (My commentary: Either believe that you have your own power or that the Board or communication has its own power and where you fixate your attention, thus your energy, is what you will get! Quite frankly, the Board has no power as it is just cardboard, Masonite or wood. The only power it will appear to have is the power you attribute to it, thus the power you take away from yourself.)

The Board is neutral in power. There is no justification in fearing it. What is to be feared about using the Board is the energy of your own fears and what that energy will create. Maybe the fear is of the communication with the unknown or of possibly attracting a trickster or mischievous entity to your Board? This can happen, but what you do with it is what matters. First of all, if the fear persists, take a break and do not use this tool or any tool to communicate with unseen energies until you work through such fears.

But, here are suggestions for moving beyond any fears related to Spirit Communication with a Board:
1.) Know that the Board is a neutral device.
2.) What you believe about your communications is what engenders.
3.) Incorporate all of the protection you believe you need. This could include a breathing exercise to ground yourself, a prayer of protection, burning incense or sage, visualization of light and/or working with gemstones and their properties. It may include only one thing. Again, it’s based upon your own beliefs.
4.) Endeavor to meet your guides, angels, guardians and protectors first. Then work with the communications, while your guide serves as the “bouncer” of the sessions. They will assist with who and what comes through to communicate, keeping it within your comfort zone/
5.) Know that ALL comes from the same Source, which is the Source of All-That-Is. So, within everything is always the spark of Source, which is of love. This spark of love is even inside of all mischievous entities.
6.) Stay in charge. You brought the Board to the session and you can remove the Board from the session. Never participate with any communication that is less than uplifting. You say goodbye and put the Board away if need be.
7.) Always practice respect. Respect of yourself first and respect of the communication and energy next. Always come from a loving space during communications.
8.) Most importantly, have a spiritual practice in place outside of the Board communications where you work with the white light, visualization and/or meditation to find your Center. Within this Center you are always safe, strong and protected. Practice this to build it strong to the point that you come to know that you are always safe, protected and guided no matter what!
9.) Know that your beliefs are the guiding factors that afford you your experiences and lead you to your end results—what you will experience at the Board and within your life. This is a principle that is often a tough one to integrate, let alone digest.

Come from a place of empowerment and you will quickly transcend the lower astral realms and come in contact with energies that match your own vibration.

Happy Boarding…


Karen A. Dahlman ©

Author of: The Spirits of Ouija: Four Decades of Communication

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