Can anything bad happen when using the ouija board?


Hi William,
It depends upon what you consider “bad.” For example, I had a spirit cuss at me once. I considered that “bad” because it’s not the way I like or let others treat me.

Now, there is a lot of bogus information out there about the Board causing “bad” things to happen. When you hear such accusations, look at the source who is telling you this or making such claims. Are they reliable? Are they experienced with the Board? Are they just goofing around? Were they imbibing substances while using the Board? What are their intentions? Are they trying to shock others or get more subscribers? Then again, maybe they had a legitimate “bad” experience. Learn more about it from the person–the source. Their experience will shed more light upon why and how?

Always know that the Board does nothing at all. The Board is only a tool and it is neutral. So, if anything that you would consider “bad” happens while using it, it’s up to you the Operator of the Board to stop the session. It’s up to you the Operator to look to your own intentions. Bottom line, what you believe about this tool, what you fear about this tool and on the other hand, what you desire and intend for this tool, is what you will get! It really does boil down to you.

Everything is comprised of moving particles. Everything is in constant motion. We can shift this energy when we shift our relationship to this energy. This means that our emotions, our thoughts, our experiences will influence the overall vibe we give off. This vibe is always changing and this becomes what I call our specific “spirit signature” or vibration. We constantly give off a vibration and similar vibrations will resonate and be attracted. Through vibrations is how I personally “dial up” my spirit friends. I get my vibration to a specific level via my intentions and my overall constitute and then, I can guarantee myself and others at my sessions that ONLY matching frequencies of expansive and loving octaves of energies will come through. Why? Because I am clear on my intentions and I work with developing my own frequency–the rate of my vibrations–away from the Board. I have no fear doing this work because of the spiritual work I have and continue to practice with myself away from this tool. And over many years, I have Guides in the other realms who consistently bring in uplifting, loving, inspirational and helpful messages to me and many others.

So, you must ask yourself the same question: “Will or can ‘I’ bring in negativity and bad experiences when ‘I’ use this tool?” It’s truly an answer that only you can answer and will vary based upon your knowledge, studies and understanding of the Universe, this tool and your relationship with it. Many teachings share glimpses into this information, but quite a few fall short. Seek out teachings that allow you to have your freedom to explore, without trying to limit you by unnecessary rules, conditions, beliefs and, most importantly, by someone else’s fears.

I hope that helps William.

Happy Boarding…


Karen A. Dahlman ©

Author of: The Spirits of Ouija: Four Decades of Communication

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