There are so many ridiculous and ludicrous stories, legends and lore surrounding the Ouija Board, also known as a Talking Board, and its use. I can understand one’s paralysis around using such a tool after repeatedly hearing the folklore. However, if you feel “good” about using one, you will have good experiences. It’s when we fear this tool, thus PROJECT our own internal stuff upon it (the fears, doubts, stories we’ve been fed, everyone else’s projections about it), we will more than likely get such experiences. It’s kind of like succumbing to a mass hysteria—a collective hypnosis!

Strangely and quite remarkably, I never had such concerns about the Masonite board I received from Santa Claus on Christmas day. All I saw, thus PROJECTED upon it, was the possibilities to be in contact with otherworldly beings! My story with this tool has been one hec of an amazing adventure with a multitude of contacts being made. The adventure continues in even more profound ways to this day, which I wrote about in my most recently published book: The Spirit of Alchemy: Secret Teachings of the Sacred Reunion.

We don’t fully understand consciousness, our mind and our awareness and this tool (a Talking Board) allows us to project upon it who and what we are. I truly believe that we can be in touch with incredible guides, ethereal beings and various sentient beings on all levels of the spectrum. So this is what I get! Doing this work, I have found that energy (consciousness) aligns itself with the energy we are, we feel, we harbor. I also believe that energy (consciousness) is intrinsically neutral because it contains both the positive and the negative charges. These exist together within the same form along a continuum and when we ascribe meaning, judgment and/or positive or negative beliefs, we then align ourselves with one side of the inherent polarities and thus, bring that specific charge to the forefront. Then, we typically label it and associate ourselves with that one side of it.

And this is precisely what I believe people have done with their own energy around the Board. Instead of looking at themselves as the keeper of the thoughts, the energies, the projections, they align with a charge (whether received from the collective hype or from personal fears) and thus, that becomes their experience with such a tool. Instead, neutralize the charge–neutralize your beliefs surrounding the Board.

Always remember, we must not give our power away to anything else, including a Ouija Board, but instead keep our power within ourselves where it belongs and look to what we harbor within before we point the finger out there.

Happy Boarding…


Karen A. Dahlman ©

Author of: The Spirits of Ouija: Four Decades of Communication

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