This is a good question and the starting place for many who choose to use this tool. Many tend to think that the tool itself is the reason why it “works.” I use the word “works” loosely, as this device is just a tool and it requires an operator to use it. It also requires an operator who can learn to get out of one’s own way and realize that other levels of consciousness and energies are involved alongside the operator to allow the communications to come forth. There are definite ways to strengthen this connection and this connection requires a commitment to a process. Let’s explore further…

Working this tool becomes a practice of patience—of great patience—and of allowing your vibration (energetic makeup) to work alongside other vibrations. This translates to allowing a subtle energy to emerge between you and the spirit realm and this subtle energy is experienced by way of the planchette. This energy, which creates the movements of the planchette across the Board, spelling out the messages is so very subtle. It takes much practice and patience alone or with a partner, just sitting there with your fingers on top of the planchette waiting for a movement. It is such of a small movement at first that you will second guess yourself or your partner when it occurs. The first reaction is to wonder, “Am I pushing this or is my partner pushing this?” That is fine and that is common, but after awhile of allowing this movement as it glides all around the Board, regardless of the gibberish found in the early messages, as this is a part of the process, it will start to present legible messages.

Know this, it is not easy for the energies to come through and use such of a device, let alone make contact at all! So, with practice and persistence with patience, between you and the energies you are contacting, the gibberish will slowly turn into words. With more practice and with more time as your fingers rest gently upon the planchette, while sitting at sessions that seem to be going no where, the words will start to flow in an orderly fashion, spelling out phrases for you. Those phrases will turn into sentences with meaning and those meaningful sentences can turn into paragraphs and even more. It’s truly up to you and where you want to take the communications, but it all goes back to taking the time for the spelling to occur.

The key thing to do is to refrain from asking yes and no questions. Instead, always ask open-ended questions that allow the energies to take their time to spell out answers. Many novices get stuck in yes and no questions to hurry along the communications and messages, but you will be missing out on the reason the Talking Board was created in the first place and that was to allow the energies to communicate! Communication includes a dialogue and a dialogue can’t be had if you limit the communications to yes and no type of answers. This also makes the communication lazy and provides nebulous messages at best. So, I highly recommend you take the time to ask open-ended questions that require an answer, so you can assist the energies with using this tool, this device. Be respectful of their learning curve and, of course, of yours.

An example of this would be, “please tell me your name or what name should I call you?” Notice, this question cannot be answered with a simple yes or no. Another example, “Tell me your story or what your message is?” Again, this requires spelling and a dialogue and not a simple guessing game of yes and no.

Even though you may not receive coherent answers—messages—in the beginning stages of using this tool for communication, even though you are asking such open-ended questions, continue along this path of being patient with the energies, while they learn to use this tool to be in contact.

Practice all three components: patience with this work, practice with your techniques and persistence with this method. Include respect for the energies you are reaching, while they are endeavoring to be in contact with you too and the rewards will be well worth the wait!

Happy Boarding…

Karen A. Dahlman ©

Author of: The Spirits of Ouija: Four Decades of Communication

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