Hello Karen. My name is Taylor. I just have a question on using a ouija board. When I was playing by myself, like in one of your videos, there was definitely a spirit with me, but the planchette didn’t move to answer my question, it only moved to one of the pictures in the corner of the board. Doesn’t that mean something bad or evil? I know that on some of the websites that I looked at, they said it does mean something bad, but I don’t really trust it that much.



Hi Taylor! Thanks for reaching out. Symbols are just images to spark the imagination. Every single one of us responds differently to each symbol we see. For example, when I see the image of the sun or the moon, especially on the Ouija Board, I think about the balance of masculine and feminine energies. I resonate with the alchemical traditions, which uses the sun and moon to represent such energies and thus, that’s what it reminds me of.

I’m sharing this with you, so you can think about learning more about symbols, universal imagery and signs to help you learn what they mean “to you!” The key word is “YOU!” What matters is what the image brings up for you and not what the internet or someone else tells you what they mean to them, including myself! So, instead of relying on another’s own interpretation and often, short- sighted view or limited understanding of an image, do your best to discover what it conjures up for you. Then, for that moment in time, that is what it will mean for you.

Now, having said that, nothing drawn or stamped on a Board has power. No, instead we give power to it! Just choose to stand within your power and stay empowered when you use a Board and soon enough, every image, symbol and word spelled will ONLY empower you to greatness. Think about that for a moment…..All symbols and all words that come forth through a Board will have a different meaning for each person privy to the session. Therefore, as many people there are, there will be just as many views and understandings. Who is right? Well, they all are, for what you perceive, is what you receive and often what you achieve!

Happy Boarding!


Karen A. Dahlman ©

Author of: The Spirits of Ouija: Four Decades of Communication

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