Dear Karen,

When the planchette moves across a Ouija Board, don’t you “feel” that on another level, it’s not “spirits” but rather a matter of how your brain “simplifies” what is actually happening?

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Hi Nick,

No, I wouldn’t simplify it in that way. I find that we are truly all one of a greater Source. We are aspects (consciousness) of the one Source, expressing ourselves within this great matrix we call life, the world, the universe, the cosmos. To use an analogy, I see each of us as a cell working together or working against another (cancerous) within one body, not unlike the cells in our physical bodies. Each one cell has a specific function and develops into an aspect or a part of that functioning body performing specific tasks. Each one cell is part of the whole body, yet is unique within its cellular expression and function within the body.

My Spirit Guides are an aspect of Source Wisdom/Energy/Consciousness, which I too am an expression of that, yet we exist within different frequencies of this same Source both having our unique and different functions, thus experiences. So, we are unique and separate from each other through our functions and our frequency, yet we connect from whence we came and connect in awareness when we match in vibration. It is the rate of our vibration (of our frequencies) that brings us in contact with each other. Yet, even when we aren’t in conscious contact, we are still connected and reside within the oneness of Source Energy, within the body of All-That Is, if you will. I have had many conversations with the Guides over the years about this concept. I do believe they are a type of spiritual energy that is separate from me, yet connected to me because of the same origins of which we share.

I’ve been led to believe that we are only scratching the surface on this topic and that there is so much more to consider and understand about this concept in order to grasp it, but we are extremely limited by our human brains and our physical vessels to even begin comprehending the depth and breadth of such a topic. Pondering must continue.

Thank you for the great question!


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