Many people are attracted to using this tool, a talking board, such as a Ouija Board because they have a curiosity about the afterlife. They want to understand what happens to the departed, if it is possible to be in communication with them and ultimately, what happens to oneself when death occurs. After all, this tool was created to explore the mysterious and the unknown and lends itself to firsthand experience to explore the next dimension over where the deceased continue to exist in another vibratory form.

Other people are drawn to this tool because they are curious to determine if it really works and if they can use it for some gain. This type of desired gain could be anything from locating misplaced money or car keys to wanting predictions and fortune-telling to understanding their relationship to life. The list of reasons goes on, but something quite unexpected typically starts to happen to the user while using this tool seriously.

What I mean by “seriously” is that the user works this tool with respect, while seeking discoveries into the communications that introduce personal insights and revelations. So, this tool becomes viewed and used not as a game or toy, but instead as a valuable tool, serving as a focal point to allow the user to reach into other dimensions of existence. At this juncture the tool, the Ouija Board, is not the important part of the equation for exploring these dimensions, instead the user realizes that they alone are the most important factor to this equation of the Board, planchette and user.

I was once asked during an interview on a show, what was the most important part of this Talking Board tool: the planchette or the Board? I told him that the most important part of the equation was me! I already have the abilities (we all do!) to experience “supernatural” things through senses that exist beyond our five senses inherent within the body. This means that beyond our bodies’ five senses of seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting, we have the ability to tap into the sixth sense and beyond. These senses from beyond are just as real as the five senses we are already use to experiencing.

This is the exciting by-product from using this tool, the user begins to tap into and explore this otherworldly sixth sense. This sense promotes intuition, empathic abilities and sensitivities to “feel” and “know” information, answers and insights that are not only supportive of the individual’s growth, but can be extremely helpful within one’s life and with others.

Using the sixth sense is actually a part of everyone’s every-day life, but it’s just that most of us don’t realize it. I will go a step further and say that we move into realms beyond the five senses all of the time, even unconsciously, but often don’t recognize them. For example, this is when you are thinking about someone and you hear from this person the next day. Another example is when you have a feeling of deja vu or a knowing of what is going to happen next or will be said next and it happens. We tend to call these experiences synchronicities and intuitive hunches. Great monikers for them, but they are actually happening outside of the range of our known five senses, yet are really a “normal” part of our experience once we start learning how to recognize and use these latent senses.

Using the Ouija Board tool can serve as a reminder that the possibility to consciously reach into otherworldly realms and interact with them is extremely feasible and doable. Again, it’s not the Ouija that does this for you, it’s yourself that begins to realize that you are the reason for these connections to happen and it wouldn’t matter if you used a Board, a digital recorder or a rock! The Ouija Board becomes your permission—your authorization—to unlock and use your own latent abilities.

In actuality, we are extremely powerful beings with senses that extend beyond our physical bodies and connect us back into other realms where much of our connectivity to others exists: synchronicity, déjà vu, intuition, telepathy, mediumship, channeling and other so-called “unexplained” abilities. We can use a variety of tools or the Ouija Board as the conscious permission to unleash and open up to the sixth sense and beyond.

Happy Boarding…


Karen A. Dahlman ©

Author of: The Spirits of Ouija: Four Decades of Communication

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