What are your thoughts about why the board does not work when someone does not believe?



Hello J ~

To answer this question, we first need to explore why and how the Board works. From my experience a Board, as a tool, works for someone when that person, first and foremost, remains hopeful and determined that it will work. This means staying positive through the times when it doesn’t work so well, especially in the beginning, but keeping the hope that it could eventually work. For the most part, having an open belief system about the Board allows the individual to remain hopeful that it will work some day.

All of the time, effort and energy spent sitting with a motionless planchette or gibberish spelling, lends itself to developing a connection with the energies that are around. It takes time to shift one’s mind from linear and logical thinking into fluid and spontaneous thinking. It’s like we need to shift out of left brain thinking and into right brain feeling. Once we make this shift along with our practice at the Board, we can shift our vibrations to other frequencies so we can connect with those vibrations resonating at these new frequencies. It’s like working out and building up a psychic muscle. Once we can connect with these other energies/vibrations and “they” (those within the other dimensions) can match ours, we create a harmonization between the energies and communication is possible. The procedure is analogous to tuning a radio dial precisely to a desired station.

So, imagine a friend says he wants to sit with you and use the Ouija Board, but he really doesn’t believe it will work. When someone doesn’t believe, it’s less likely that person will even give it the time, attention and patience that is required to tune his energetic dial to match another frequency. As many can attest, developing your skills at using such a tool or any other endeavor does take the ambition to want to do so. The nonbeliever really does not have a reason to do so and will often give up quickly because after all, it has no value to this person. If the Board actually did work for a nonbeliever, then that nonbeliever would have to give up his personal belief system about the Board and this can be extremely threatening to his world. Experiencing contact and communication from the unseen realms is a life-changing experience that opens one up to so many new possibilities of experience so much that it can become overwhelming to someone who is not wanting that type of enormous realignment. More likely than not, the nonbeliever will sit there and not attempt to feel the subtle energies of the planchette, pulling one’s resting finger tips from letter to letter as it makes its way around the Board. So, instead, they end up getting in their own way and block any movement from the planchette thus, block the communication from happening. Then you get to hear, “See I told you so. The Ouija Board does not work!”

Then there is another group of so called nonbelievers and these I call the “quasi-nonbelievers,” as they are still open, but just have not experienced anything with a Ouija Board, so they will say that they don’t believe or are skeptical. Skepticism is healthy. The fact that they have tried to use the Board before or are even curious about it, means that they could use it with good results in the future. The possibilities are there. Yet, it typically becomes an uphill battle for any type of nonbeliever because they have simply put the brakes on even before they have sat down with you at the Board.

Now that’s a Ouija Buzz kill!


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