Hello. Sorry for being informal, but if you ever get to see this message, I was wondering, lady of ouija, if when you first started if you ever felt faint or exhausted? I am doing it alone and most of the time feel faint after using the board. Thanks for your time, Patricia


Hi Patricia. How funny: “lady of Ouija!” 😀 So, to answer your question, many people report symptoms such as headaches, back aches and feeling extremely tired. It appears to be very common. I never have experienced these symptoms, but then again, I got started at such of a young age. Who hurts or feels much pain when they are very young, alert and energetic? However, I have worked with many people at the Board and many of them have reported such feelings and aches.

What I have been told by The Guides is that when we awaken ourselves to such energetic connections and transmissions, it’s like we are clearing out and releasing inner toxins as we become more open. Remember, it’s NOT the Board that does this work; it is ourselves. So basically, you are tuning yourself as a tool to do this work and reach into other realms, dimensions and consciousness. When we open, we release, clear and prepare the body as an instrument. These sensations are the side effects of such inner shifts. Just take your time with this and soon, you will no longer have such sensations.

Happy Boarding…


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