Hello Karen, my friend and I are trying to have a board session. We had one spirit come through and say some nice things, but then left with no warning; then we tried to communicate again and the planchette would not move. Why do you think this happened?



Hi Julia,

Well, I think it happened (from my experience) because someone or something was blocking it. Now, that’s not a bad thing; it’s just what can happen until you have your solid Guide/control from the other side and with “solid,” I am referring to a guide who is of the utmost integrity and of unconditional support and love. It takes quite some time to reach these. Once you do reach “them,” you will never have a session where it won’t work or they just stop communicating with you. At this level of consciousness and frequency, they never tire or run out of energy nor will they block your spiritual work with them.

Now, since this has happened or if and when this happens again, just kindly thank the spirit and let “it” know (and remind yourself and partner) that it must be time to stop the session for now. That’s okay. There is always tomorrow!

So, what I’m saying is don’t place too much credence or attention on this. See it as analogous to the battery in your cell phone dying, the conversation was abruptly ended (like having a dropped call) and now you just need to take a break and charge the phone. Resume the conversation once recharged!

Bottom line, someone needed a break to recharge.


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