So, I ask you, where do your spiritual beliefs lie, meaning, if you needed to call upon a higher source, guide or helper, who or what would you call upon and unequivocally know that it would have your back and you would be able to remain in peace and protection?

Your clarification of this point is necessary.

One of the most important aspects to doing this Board work and for that matter, any spiritual work, is to define and know unequivocally what you believe. Belief is the energy behind the intentions you state and expect from your communications and explorations. So, if you told me that you believe in a pantheon of gods, and you are protected by Hera, Zeus’s wife, and you thoroughly believed that, then this energy would be precisely what will serve as your guiding and protective light as you do this work.

I have learned through the communications with The Guides that everyone’s soul is connected and that we are all somehow connected to the God Source–to All-That-Is. Essentially, we are all one in the same. Through reasoning, even the energy that is being negative and continues to come through any communications from the Board, treat it as an aspect/connection to God as you are as well. Know that anything that comes through and is negative, is truly just “lost” in many ways—metaphorically, literally and spiritually. Trump it by telling it that you “will only communicate with it” if it is respectful. One more negative thing from it, quite literally pick up the Board, wipe it off and do a ceremonial cleansing of it. (This ceremonial cleansing should be tied into your own beliefs.) Do what represents a “cleansing” to you, and again, what you know works for you. For me, I wipe the board off and state out loud, “You are not welcome here. I refuse to speak with anything that does not have respect for itself and most importantly, does not have respect for me. So, leave in peace. I call upon my protectors, the angels, the guardians and ask that you kindly escort this energy away and into the light. Goodbye. I release you in love and peace.” Be firm, but loving.

Remember, positivity on your end will always end up in positivity from the unseen forces.

Then, take your Board and do a “cleansing.” Mine would be saging it and stating positive intentions out loud about myself and the communication. Lastly, consecrate the Board to higher energies that have love and your best interests at heart. Period. Call upon your angels and invite them into your world to help you, guide you and communicate with you in whatever ways that you will be able to receive and understand. Allow, believe and then, know, that everything is so.

As you are working to get past the beginning stages with the Board communications (and I know you will), call upon your angels to make contact. Welcome them to communicate. Ask them to become your “bouncers/gatekeepers” to always keep your communications in the highest light. You will quickly progress from there.

I take this work very seriously as my Spirit Friends have profoundly touched me in so many ways that I must share the possibilities for this incredible tool. This also has been the results of others who have engaged in this work with similar intentions. I do want you and your Board partners to have the most positive of experiences of self-growth and spiritual development that you possibly can have.

Happy Boarding…


Karen A. Dahlman ©

Author of: The Spirits of Ouija: Four Decades of Communication

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