The MOON – 5/23/15:

Is there ever a reason to complain? What context would justify complaining? To seek knowledge is always good, to try to bring about change is also good and usually okay if for the right reasons. To complain does nothing. We think you will complain still because it is comfortable and does not require change. It is difficult to stand naked before the Universe and declare: I created this! I chose this when the result of your choices do even the slightest harm to you or anyone else.

Questions to Ponder:

Can you justify your complaints or are they just “good” excuses to blame outside influences for your current lot? What would happen if you paused the blame for the complaints for a moment and enacted as if you could release them–just move beyond the tendency to complain without placing blame on someone or something else?



Check back often to discover what this “Collective Group of Light Beings” (simply known as The MOON) have to say as they share Ancient Wisdom of the Ages for Practical Applications within Today’s World! They communicate with Karen via the Board and with every session they have teachings to impart and thoughts to ponder…

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