The MOON – 4/18/15:

We would like to speak with you about your teachers. How many possible teachers may one have in a lifetime? How do you choose which to follow and which to reject? Is it possible that you, the collective you, are missing out on the most obvious and profound teacher of all? Do you also then have the same ability to either accept or reject one’s own teachings?

All lessons have the ability to mold one’s Higher Self. What one needs to explore is whether those lessons are hard won or not. To get to where you want to go may have many trails. The one that is hard won is littered with thorns. Just as important and equally profound, what are you teaching others that look to you for their lessons?

Questions to Ponder:

Read the above again and with each question The MOON asks, take the time to answer it. Did you figure out “who” the most obvious and profound teacher of all is?

Now, can you remember a time when you had learned a specific lesson through pain and on the other hand, learned a lesson through a smoother process? Can you take what you learned from these two opposite ways of learning lessons and possibly choose a new trail that is less painful and contains less thorns? Realize that your choices, which leads to your actions and behaviors are your next teachers for you and for others, as others will learn through your example.



Check back often to discover what this “Collective Group of Light Beings” (simply known as The MOON) have to say as they share Ancient Wisdom of the Ages for Practical Applications within Today’s World! They communicate with Karen via the Board and with every session they have teachings to impart and thoughts to ponder…

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