The MOON – 7/8/15:

Always find your way home. Home is safe. Home is in your mind. It is always there so it would be simple to live there but how often we wander off and find ourselves lost with no clue how to get back?

To wander and explore is a need for all, however strolling into the darkness comes with a price and is often unpleasant.

Questions to Ponder:

Think of a time when you have strayed from your own inner truth (your home) and found yourself in a downward spiral where you became reactive, negative and felt lost. What price did you pay for having gone into this darkness? What did it take for you to “shift” your perspective and find your way home again?



Check back often to discover what this “Collective Group of Light Beings” (simply known as The MOON) have to say as they share Ancient Wisdom of the Ages for Practical Applications within Today’s World! They communicate with Karen via the Board and with every session they have teachings to impart and thoughts to ponder…

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