Someone said that ITC (instrumental transcommunication) or EVP (electronic voice phenomena) is safer because you’re asking the spirit to manipulate an electronic device, whereas with Ouija you are asking spirit to manipulate your hand to move the planchette, as such is one more susceptible to “possession?” Personally, since finding your channel, I am less scared of the board now and in fact, I get better real time responses. I have no idea why, but I cannot understand EVP; I can’t decipher the words. I can tell when there is a spirit talking, but can’t make out what they are saying. Some people have told me my connection with EVP produces clear results, but I almost feel like it falls on death ears since I can’t decipher. I’m better off with the board. But it seems like people are quick to dissuade me from using Ouija because they say it is like the difference between using a rotary phone versus a smartphone. What do you think of that analogy? I personally feel spirit can feel a bit dismayed if you can’t understand their message in real time.



Hi Linda. Thank you for this wonderful question. It does need to be addressed because of the erroneous beliefs circulating within paranormal circles that somehow one device can be far superior over another or “more safe” than another tool. In my personal opinion based on experience, this is utter rubbish!

The elephant in the room that needs to be addressed is why the fear over cardboard, wood or masonite? When one decides to engage with energies that are in the unseen dimensions, one brings along with that engagement one’s personal beliefs, perceptions, filters and of course, any fears this person has about this unknown element that he/she is attempting to engage, contact and communicate. It’s the fear cloaked as a superstition that draws any negativity to the experience. Whether it’s a digital recorder that is being used or a Ouija board, dowsing rods or a K2 meter, neither is better or worse. They are just tools period and none are going to create a supposed possession any more than a flashlight will. Fear alone is what creates any and all negative experiences during such engagements.

When we choose to engage with life, whether it’s within the seen or unseen dimensions, we influence that connection by our personal filters–how we view the world and ourselves within it. Basically, we influence the engagement. We influence the energies. This influence comes out of us and not out of our gadgets that can either measure energies, sense and speak energies or even spell energies. We are the ultimate device to engage with all energies around us. It is because of the human body sans an external device that allows the connections to be made. It’s just that we use these devices as springboards to augment the connections and communications. If anyone should be afraid of anything, it should be oneself and the erroneous beliefs one holds about being disempowered and merely a pawn to the world of unseen and seen dimensions. Now, that is scary!

I often refer to my Board (and any board I use) as my great cosmic phone. Whether it’s a rotary, push dial, walkie talkie or wireless phone, they all require to be either dialed, pushed or tapped with a code. This code then transmits and receives a signal that can then be answered by the receiver on the other end of the signal. When we communicate with other energies, we are basically using the power of our intentions to dial up the frequency to make the connection. This is what I consciously do when I use the Board and by the way, every single one of us is constantly doing this throughout the day whether we are aware of it or not. This is how life works! We intend and we engage, regardless of the tool or technique we use.

Happy Boarding!


Karen A. Dahlman ©

Author of: The Spirits of Ouija: Four Decades of Communication

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