Honestly, this is such a long shot, but I’m reaching out to others who have experience with Ouija boards. Really just looking for some answers. My girlfriend and I played with this board that we purchased from Toys-R-Us. The last time we played it, it started going through the alphabet and we ended the sessions immediately. After that our lives kinda went downhill. We were staying with a LGBTQ advocate and he kicked us out. We left NC and came to WV, (that’s where my girlfriend is from). I was lucky enough to stay with the same company, but now I hate my job. So does she. Our cars have given up on us. Friends have left our side. Things have kinda gotten a bit dark for us. We’re both very attracted to the thought of the board and it’s been a year since we’ve messed with it so we decided to have another session. The same thing happened this time. It began going through the letters when I intervened and took control over the communication and we both told it goodbye. I’m just reaching out because I’m wondering if we need help? Maybe we’ve had something attached to us the entire time? Maybe we need help to get rid of the board? I don’t want links to another video or anything of that nature. I’d really like to talk to someone who could have more of an insight to these things. Until then we’re using salts, crystals, etc to try to cleanse the board. Please only respond if you can legitimately give advice on what our next steps should be.



Hi Courtney. You can ask a number of people who use the Board what to do and each one of them will give you a response based upon their belief system not only about the Board, but mostly about how they view the unseen dimensions and themselves in relationship to these realms. The answer for you on what to do must be manufactured from within your own belief system and not just from anyone else’s belief systems. You first must decide if you do or do not want to change your beliefs about a piece of cardboard with letters and numbers on it. From what you write above, it’s clear that you believe that a Board can cause havoc.

If you desire to shift and change your views about the world, the Board and your interactions with it, then I may be able to assist you. However, if you have watched any of my other videos on this topic, you will find that using a Board “can” become ONLY a positive experience within the work I do with this tool and what I teach others. Why would I say this especially if you believe all of those things happened to you because of a Board? Well, because I don’t believe a piece of cardboard and chunk of plastic did this. What I do feel is that you have subconsciously created such change in your life in conjunction with the magnificent universe to propel you in new directions. You are being asked to change and if you aren’t going to do it on your own, the universe will create such upheaval (change) to help you get there. It will always take you to a better place once the chips fall and the dust settles.

Change the way you view yourself within your world and your world will change for the better. Instead of viewing yourself as a victim or pawn to the Board, unseen energies and even life in general, view yourself as a victor of these energies with the ability to direct these energies in constructive directions of your choice. You really are that empowered; you just forgot. Then, pick up the Board and EXPECT ONLY creative, constructive and helpful energies with which to interact.

I have a lot of videos on this channel and free articles and books that I write that could help you with this, but then again, you didn’t want any links. Try not to control how the help may come, but instead learn to be open to all sources. If you shut out the help, you may miss something of great importance that will not only help you with the Board, but will help you craft the life of your dreams, while softening this transitional phase of your life.

Happy Boarding!


Karen A. Dahlman ©

Author of: The Spirits of Ouija: Four Decades of Communication

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