The Spirit of Alchemy: Secret Teachings of the Sacred Reunion

By: Karen A. Dahlman, author of: The Spirit of Creativity and The Spirits of Ouija

Available NOW at Amazon – April 1, 2015

The Spirit of Alchemy: Secret Teachings of the Sacred Reunion sheds light on the secret teachings of alchemy that detail the cosmic blueprint. Exploring this science of spiritual truths, the author continues to share in great detail her “Alchemical Ouija” work, poignant synchronistic stories and edgy, thought-provoking concepts that will lead you on the most magical and mystical journey of transformation and inspiration. Say goodbye to the old paradigms of the mundane. Welcome the esoteric teachings of the profane, while transforming the lead of life into Golden opportunities.

This book is the expansion of author Karen A. Dahlman’s first two books that takes the reader into advanced spiritual teachings and insights garnered from her life’s work with everyone’s favorite tool, the Ouija Board. Within this book, the Ouija becomes the Great Oracle as the Spirit Friends continue to reveal the timeless wisdom of the ages.

In this paradigm-shifting book, Karen shares the secret teachings of alchemical transformation as told amongst a modern day backdrop of poignant TRUE stories. Ms. Dahlman shares adventures into mystical dreams, ethereal visitations, spirit messages, synchronistic events and stimulating discussions that inspire the Initiate along one’s own journey of the Alchemists’ Greatest Work yet, experiencing the Sacred Reunion with eternal, spiritual truths. Connect with your Higher Self. Meet your spirit guides. Commune with Source wisdom. Awaken and engage real magic!


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