The Spirits of Ouija: Four Decades of Communication

By: Karen A. Dahlman, author of: The Spirit of Creativity: Embodying Your Soul’s Passion

Available NOW at Amazon – October 9, 2013

It’s my “Ouija Tell All” 40-year odyssey spent communicating with spirits from the Great Beyond! They speak of personally relevant insights, spiritual knowledge and truths, beneficial healing, closure on grief, opening to greatness, developing your empowerment, spiritual growth and soul evolution, to name a few.

I share with you the unfair misconceptions Ouija has received over the years, from its fall from grace of the parlor rooms of yesteryear to the forgotten dark corners of today’s closets.

I provide the how to’s, the don’ts, the warnings, the recommendations, and identify various consciousness with whom I’ve communicated.

1-800-OUIJA4U: it’s basically a wireless, cosmic phone and I explain how it works and how you too can use it.

Come learn stories of animal communication, specifically with the pets we love dead and alive! Yes, I said “alive.” Plus, you’ll learn how to use Ouija to tap into your own divine guidance, your Higher Self, and learn to listen to this guiding principle that resides within. All the while, I share actual accounts from my sessions, including the various entities you can meet, what happens when we are dead, and what happens in between lives.

Get ready for a phenomenal exploration into consciousness. Come with me as I take you behind the veil to meet my spirit friends, up close and personal. A whole new world is awaiting you. This book is a must read!

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