Long, long ago before the dawn of time as we know it, life existed as spirit. Spirit was pure, potential energy. As Spirit imagined so it experienced. Spirit enjoyed working with its faculties of imagination. It knew that anything was and is possible. Great delight was found in creating.

To Spirit there was no such thing as limitation. It knew that the ability to express its creative essence was a God-given trait. Its pure, potential energy could express and experience anything. Everything was pure and everything was light, yet something was missing.

Spirit thought long and hard. It knew how to divide itself into many parts which provided interaction for itself. Loneliness was never an issue. Its purpose was to experience complete freedom and joy. That was what it did. Yet, it yearned for something not quite knowing what that something was.

This yearning created confusion. The confusion created chaos. Chaos created an opposite reaction to what Spirit was experiencing. Through Spirit’s thought processes, it had created darkness. Spirit liked its creation as it could now experience the opposite of light. Soon after, Spirit began experimenting with duality, creating all kinds of opposites. This was fun.

Spirit knew that the purpose of the opposites was to help itself have more balance within its realm. Spirit knew the truth. It yearned no more. Spirit’s awareness grew as it created. Spirit decided that it would permanently divide itself into many parts. It wanted to experience its new creations from many different perspectives. It knew that the more it divided itself, the greater its experiences. Spirit divided into countless reflections of itself in which each part mirrored the image of the whole.

Interaction and expression was infinite.  At the core of each image, Spirit placed an eternal,  creative spark to remind the Spirit Parts of their inheritance.

As time moved on, the Spirit Parts experienced the pairs of opposites.  However, the experience of each Part was different.  The Parts began to diversify.  As they began to diversify, they lost prior knowledge.  They expanded further out and touched the edge of the galaxy.  Many went on to create more galaxies and before long, the many Parts existed in expansive and infinite space.  Knowledge was now diversified.  Experience was now varied.  Existence, as Spirit had originally known it, was now very different.

Spirit was content with its choice as it knew all would be constantly changing.  It would be able to experience the process of evolution and growth.  The many Spirit Parts continued developing.  However, knowledge from whence they came and who they were had dwindled.

Darkness had become frightening.  Fear began to separate them.  Many hid.  They hid from their truths.  Spirit knew this was the outcome of its choice.  This was part of the plan.

Along the way there were those Spirit Parts who made their way back to truth by listening to the truth they heard within.  This was their last remaining connection to Spirit.  These brave Parts discovered it.  Knowledge was never lost as previously assumed.  Knowledge of the truth was just forgotten.

As their personal truths became known, the Spirit Parts knew that their existence was about the expression of their souls.  Each Part was as important to the next Part as the next Part was important to another, and so on and so on.  Each had its own creative essence needing to be shared with the others.  Existence became a process of “re-membering,” of putting back together the pieces of their true identity. There were many Parts who cringed at any insight into the truth.  They were still fearful.  Others were just oblivious to their truths.  That was all right as these were just other experiences to have and to grow from.  Spirit knew that in time, all would awaken from their veil of illusion.

Spirit knew that many would search everywhere for knowledge and forget to look within.  That was just part of the plan.  Spirit also knew that it would take not only a re-membering, but also a joining with others to fully understand their creative abilities.  Eventually, all would awaken to their true inheritance.  All would come to know their eternal, creative spark.

And Spirit patiently waits….


Karen A. Dahlman ©
Author of: The Spirit of Creativity: Embodying Your Soul’s Passion

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