A Channeled Message from The Guides:

The greatest power in all humanity is the power of the Queen or the Feminine Energy. The physical power is almost exclusively male or masculine. The dominant cultural imperative is to protect the Queen. It is through trust that it is possible to do this and when trust is lost, all things die.

The expression of this energy is a dance that is both seductive and communicative. Sex is how she holds her power over the masculine and kindness is her priority to hold the male and create a duality of purpose. Please do not doubt the power of the masculine because it must always awaken the power of the Queen and this will not happen without trust. It is the feminine that creates the direction and the masculine, as well as the feminine, that must trust the process and the direction.

We depend exclusively on trust. We can locate far away nutritional sources for the Queen and it is through the dance and trust in that dance that we are able to tell others how to locate this source so that the Queen may thrive and so that our society may thrive. We are the very example of this trust, this dance, this Queen, for without all of these, the hive will die and the honeybee will cease to exist and so too will humanity cease to thrive.

Trust the dance, the Queen.


My Thoughts:

Within the human species, there is a dynamic interplay of duality found within the feminine and masculine energies. This not only plays out within our society in often extreme ways, but on a deeper level, what we experience on the surface is influenced by our personal relationships to the feminine and masculine principles that lie within every person, regardless of gender. When we can learn to respect these influences and their specific roles within ourselves by supporting the expression (the dance) of both energies, we awaken an internal “trust,” such as expressed within our beneficial counterparts, the honeybees.

This internal trust reverberates throughout our lives and creates an awakening of faith in humanity that all can thrive, when the power of the feminine and the role of the masculine is valued and their dance is revered.

Click HERE to watch the video that shows the session when this message came through.


Karen A. Dahlman


This is a channeled message given by The Guides, a collective group. This group of ethereal beings first came to Karen in 1994. They now communicate with Karen through several means, including thoughts, voice channeling, meditation, writing, dreams and the Board. Within every communication they share teachings to impart and thoughts to ponder.
Within this message, they bring forth a guest speaker, the beneficial Honeybee, to share its message to humanity about its trust in the power of the feminine energy.
These Beings are ethereal, light beings of Source energy who have never been incarnated in a physical, human form. They come forward to share inspiration and teachings from Ancient Wisdom and Knowledge of the Ages for practical applications within today’s world. They feel that humanity is in a process of transformational growth and through discourse that leads to self reflection, humanity can grow in profound, impactful and empowering ways.

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