We are under the influence of a very powerful, enticing new moon. Astrologically, this means that the sun and the moon are currently sharing the same sign in the zodiac. Specific to this new moon, which happens to be the first new moon of this new year, the sun and moon are residing within the sign of Aquarius. What we are seeing in the sky during this time is the dark side of the moon. Many of you will still be feeling its influence and will until the full moon in February.

The new moon in Aquarius gifts us to look deep within our inner darkness, into our own dark side, and determine what we would like to change, renew and ultimately, receive. It challenges us to move beyond any status quo we find ourselves within and to detach from the wounds or mishaps of the past, especially from the past year. Having the new moon in this sign reminds us to reflect then release, while asking those bigger questions of ourselves that have us reassessing our expression of our dreams and desires within the world, especially within groups and in humanitarian ways. The answers to these questions, often lead us into developing and enhancing our relationships with others, shifting our expressions within the world, such as our work, and most importantly, renewing relationships with ourselves. Are you being true to others, yourself and your calling? Where is your heart within these answers?

To help you reassess and realign with your desired renewed life, especially under the influence of this new moon, I’ve compiled several suggested steps to follow that can assist you in navigating the astronomical auspicious energy that you are probably feeling at this time. These steps can also become tools you can use at any time in the future when you want to reassess and refocus your life. Remember “shift” happens and you are able to work with it!

1.) Prepare to Write – Implement the power of the written word. Commitment is found in rereading what you write and it enables you to stay focused, as you are reminded what you have written down for yourself. It provides you the visual trail of your experiences. All of you who are familiar with my work will know that I highly recommend keeping a journal and you can use your current journal to do this work. If not, open up your computer with a fresh document and type away.

2.) Presenting Circumstances – Ask yourself the following: what is presenting itself within my life right now? How does it make me feel? How does it affect the existence of my current life? What are the details of this circumstance or this shift? (Write this down.)

3.) The Change/Challenge – What is Being Asked of You? In what ways and how are you being challenged or being asked to change? (Write this down.)

4.) Head versus Heart – What does the logical side of you have to say about this change? What does your ideal side have to say? If these two aspects of yourself could align, how would that present within your life? (Write this down.)

5.) Renewal – Given what is presenting itself to you, in what ways can you embrace this circumstance or change to suit your desires in positive ways so you can move forward, feeling renewed, empowered and energized? (Write this down.)

6.) Intentions – From everything you wrote above, reread it and now, create an intention statement that supports you to move forward within your life toward your desires. Again, write it down so you can incorporate the understanding and strength you are gaining from the presenting circumstance. Use positive words and write it in the present tense, as if the intentions are happening now.

7.) Add Your Magic – Strong momentum in the direction of your intentions can be heightened when you add the ingredient of sacred meaning to this process. This means creating your personal and meaningful ritual for this process. Once you have worked through these steps, concretize and memorialize your intentions by doing one of the following: burn a candle in honor of your new intention, set a talisman on your desk, bureau or counter as a reminder of your intention, post a yellow sticky note on your bathroom mirror that states your intention, take three deep breaths first then reread your intention daily, meditate for 10 minutes daily upon your new intention or utilize anything else that makes your intention meaningful to you. The idea is to connect with your intention in a physical way that makes it real within your physical awareness. The more you do this, the greater you will connect with the energy of your intended shift.

Know that all desired change occurs through your choice to allow it. Yes, things will happen to you and around you, but how they affect and influence you is a by-product of your choice, whether positively or negatively, and you’ve got this. So, with the energy of this new moon, harness the current planetary energy, which is ripe for renewal and change and choose to channel it in the direction of your desires. Keep your eyes to the sky and shift into high gear.

May the moon be with you!


Karen A. Dahlman ©

Author of: The Spirit of Alchemy: Secret Teachings of the Sacred Reunion

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