A Channeled Message from The Guides:

Catch me if you can. My world is the world. My family may be some like me, but often I will adopt those that are kind and I can trust. I am territorial and migratory. I may travel thousands of miles to find my home away from the cold. In one part of the world it is cold; the other half is warm. Some like me live in places where it is warm always and travel little. It is our size that makes us so formidable and it is not the song we sing that gives us our name for we are not great singers, but it is instead our wings and the rapid pace at which we move them that gives us our name.

Whether you travel the world or stay close to home, friends come in all shapes and sizes. So, cherish them even if they cannot sing.

Catch me if you can if only in your heart!


My Thoughts:

This little, yet mighty bird reminds us about the importance of family within our lives. This could be with friends of like or as diverse as relationships between different species. We often call these collective groups comprised of such heart-felt relationships: friendships, communities and our tribes. Many of us consider our pets our family as I do too, but I also consider the hummingbirds who live in my yard included in the extension of my family. Cherishing the commonalities, while also appreciating the diversities of these special relationships is what allows our hearts to sing, regardless of the type of song that is sung.

Click HERE to watch the video that shows the session when this message came through.


Karen A. Dahlman


This is a channeled message given by The Guides, a collective group. This group of ethereal beings first came to Karen in 1994. They now communicate with Karen through several means, including thoughts, voice channeling, meditation, writing, dreams and the Board. Within every communication they share teachings to impart and thoughts to ponder.
Within this message, they bring forth a guest speaker, the hummingbird, to share its message to humanity about family.
These Beings are ethereal, light beings of Source energy who have never been incarnated in a physical, human form. They come forward to share inspiration and teachings from Ancient Wisdom and Knowledge of the Ages for practical applications within today’s world. They feel that humanity is in a process of transformational growth and through discourse that leads to self reflection, humanity can grow in profound, impactful and empowering ways.

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