A Channeled Message from The Guides:

Do you know that I can change bodies? Yes, I have three different bodies. I can climb the highest mountains. I can swim the deepest seas. I can easily climb a tall, tall tree and never be seen, even in you are looking for me.

I am in everybody, every lake, pond and ocean. I nourish everything I touch. I am consistent, constant and I will never go away. Consume me in all my bodies, but be careful not to do this too quickly.

I am steam, water and ice and you would not exist if not for me.



My Thoughts:

It’s always amazing to learn what new message and what new mystery guest will come through to provide us a glimpse into the permeating consciousness available within all of life, regardless of the form it takes. Communication, messages and insights are available to humanity at every turn along the path and from those structures and forms we wouldn’t typically consider “alive” and conscious. The world is full of infinite expressions of Source. Ultimately, that is what we are in communication with, whether it’s with yourself, another human, an animal, a tree, a rock, a slug or even water. It is all an extension and thus, a conscious expression of Source.

Click HERE to watch the video that shows the session when this message came through.


Karen A. Dahlman


This is a channeled message given by The Guides, a collective group. This group of ethereal beings first came to Karen in 1994. They now communicate with Karen through several means, including thoughts, voice channeling, meditation, writing, dreams and the Board. Within every communication they share teachings to impart and thoughts to ponder.
Within this message, they bring forth a guest who reminds us of this one crucial element all of life relies upon and to not take for granted the consciousness that permeates this essence.
These Beings are ethereal, light beings of Source energy who have never been incarnated in a physical, human form. They come forward to share inspiration and teachings from Ancient Wisdom and Knowledge of the Ages for practical applications within today’s world. They feel that humanity is in a process of transformational growth and through discourse that leads to self reflection, humanity can grow in profound, impactful and empowering ways.A

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