A Channeled Message from The Guides – for Thanksgiving 2016

Greetings. We are pleased to be with you in this creative moment of Now.

We would like to tell you that this is an auspicious time that is upon you in the United States of America, which your country calls Thanksgiving. This is truly a time that is built upon an expansive vibration for love, unity, gathering, and sharing. What this time was about originally has changed, somewhat, as your culture changed from a mentality of “survive” to a mentality of “thrive.” When a culture thrives, the people can place more emphasis on gathering in joy and merriment that can last beyond a meal of celebration.

The concept of Thanksgiving that we would ask you to consider during this time of the year is about striking a balance between giving and receiving, as this is a time when you can find an equilibrium amongst the polarities of giving and receiving. This balance comes from learning to give freely first without expecting a gain. What’s truly interesting is that a gain always comes to those who give for the sake of giving since the by-product of such giving emits a vibration of the greatest degree. This mother load of vibrations spirals out beyond your country, your world, your solar system and into other worlds within other galaxies. The Universe responds. Many, many other beings outside of your solar system pay attention to this energetic vibration as this energy also affects them.

Many view Thanksgiving as the start to the holiday season within your country and it represents a wonderful time or excuse to gather. When you gather in joy, love, sharing and giving, the vibration is magnified when many others are also participating in a similar energetic pattern by doing the same. This repetition creates this enormous vibration that expands throughout the Universe.

For those of you who do not participate within this American holiday, for those brothers and sisters of yours around the world, and for those of you who choose not to gather or find themselves alone, everyone of you are still touched by the intentions of the many who do. You too can ride this fantastic spiraling wave of energy. You too can allow this energy within your system and benefit from it. Spend time in thanks and gratitude for your life and where you are within this present moment of Now. For when you stay anchored within each present moment of expressing gratitude, your presence and focus will beget more of these type of moments to occur within each and every new present moment of Now.

Fill yourself with this energy so you too may feel filled with thanks and readily able and compelled to give freely to others and thus, to yourself.

So with this seasonal vibration, we wish you much Gifting of Thanks and let that be your seasonal motto.

Thank you for Giving.


This is a channeled message given by The Guides. When they come through Karen’s voice, they work alongside her Higher Self that serves as the vessel for them to enter into her consciousness. They are given permission by Karen to use her voice. Karen is considered a conscious channel when they come through.

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