A Channeled Message from The Guides – for the New Year, 2017

Greetings. We are pleased to be with you in this creative moment of now. How shall we create? What shall we create? This we ask of you as you step into a new year.

We want to talk about beginnings, but first, we must talk about endings. 2016 was a year of completion and in numerology is represented by the number 9. When there is an ending, there is always a beginning. The shift between the two always brings about great changes. You have felt the growing pangs of these great changes for several years now, but especially in this past year of 2016. With the ending of a cycle, the ending of a powerful year, you have great promise to lead yourself in a new direction within a new year of creation.

In 2017 we are stepping into a number 1 year, which means beginnings. The number 1 is a spiritual number representing the primal force of creation. Everything springs forth from creation, from this new start, from the number 1. 2017 brings to you a brand new energy to wipe clean the “so called slates” of the past and start refreshed and renewed.

So we want to offer a visual to you. Think of life as a series of circles that spring from each other through cycles. View each year as a complete circle, but when the point that creates the circle reaches the end, it finds itself back at the beginning of the circle, yet one notch higher, creating a spiraling configuration. We want you to understand that you are always within a state of evolution as each cycle, each year, circles back around, yet moves you up into another octave of the spiral with each completed cycle. You and your life expands up and you and your life expands out. This is how you gain knowledge, wisdom and truth through each turn of the spiral. This is the law of the universe. You and everything else is in constant state of growth, expansion, thus evolution. The spiral shows us this progression.

As you become aware of this spiral, this golden mean to life, you will find that everything follows a natural progression of expansion and evolution based upon the principles of sacred geometry. If you could see your life’s existence from our perspective you would see light waves radiating within incredible shapes and patterns. We want you to know that the hardships of the past few years are also a part of the beautiful radiating patterns of progression. And we want you to know that this new year contains the energetic vibration of creation and new beginnings even more so than the past 8 years.

We ask you to see yourself and your life with an utmost of meaning and perfection. This means having compassion for you and for others and where you have been and what you have experienced—the ups and the downs. This means accepting and releasing the past cycles and have gratitude for what they were, where they took you and what you know now. And most excitedly for all of humanity, is to gear up for a new cycle of beginnings that supports humanity to co-create your desires, your dreams on a personal, global and galactic level.

You, dear friends, are our universal co-creators, so go forth and co-create heaven on earth. It is time. It is time. It is YOUR TIME.

Happy New Year and spirals…


This is a channeled message given by The Guides. When they come through Karen’s voice, they work alongside her Higher Self that serves as the vessel for them to enter into her consciousness. They are given permission by Karen to use her voice. Karen is considered a conscious channel when they come through.

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