A Channeled Message from The Guides:

Plants, plants, plants. How come they can be so different and the same? The idea that I am a short life cycle light structure, though i have been around for thousands of years this makes a source of life that is sustainable to the mass use of my qualities. I am not unique, but more famous than other plants.

Why do I exist? I am here to heal you, to clothe you. I am the finest plant for making paper. I am one of the finest rotation crops that there is. I also provide nutrition for the human body. I can even help you to relieve pain and stress. I am the plan they call hemp and I am at your service.

Q: Do you know if your crops will become more predominant for use within our society?

A: We stand ready to be that one thing that benefits all.



My Thoughts:

This message was a continuation from a couple of previous private sessions where The Guides were talking about the assistance of short life cycle light structures within our lives. These type of light structures are living beings that serve us through nutrition, healing and continual supply. Examples are fruit, crops and fast growing forms as opposed to long life cycle light structures, which are humans, animals and trees. The Guides want us to view all of the living beings around us as forms of light and to understand one’s relationship to these other light structures through our own infinite light structure. When light comes together, all can benefit and shine that much brighter.

Click HERE to watch the video that shows the session when this message came through.


Karen A. Dahlman


This is a channeled message given by The Guides, a collective group. This group of ethereal beings first came to Karen in 1994. They now communicate with Karen through several means, including thoughts, voice channeling, meditation, writing, dreams and the Board. Within every communication they share teachings to impart and thoughts to ponder.
Within this message, they bring forth a guest with a topic for us to consider so we can begin to envision and understand the power found in working with other light structures for health, healing and welfare.
These Beings are ethereal, light beings of Source energy who have never been incarnated in a physical, human form. They come forward to share inspiration and teachings from Ancient Wisdom and Knowledge of the Ages for practical applications within today’s world. They feel that humanity is in a process of transformational growth and through discourse that leads to self reflection, humanity can grow in profound, impactful and empowering ways.A

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