A Channeled Message from The Guides:

When the last dinosaur fell and they were no longer, we stood to take their place in this history of this world.

We eat not meat of other animals. We eat only plants, yet we are big and strong. We believe deeply in the family and community. We are used for purposes that we are happy to do even as it is outside of our normal wildlife style.

We prefer to be left to ourselves, but are normally quiet and peaceful to all unless we are threatened. Please leave us to our family and community and we will live long and peaceful lives. Our tusks are for us, not you! Stay away, but love us as we love you from afar.



My Thoughts:

We must come to understand that all sentient beings deserve respect and support in their instinctual drive and desire to have family and community without disrupt. Within my heart the elephants hold a special place. The elephants are the gentle giants that currently exist on the surface of earth. We owe them respect.

Click HERE to watch the video that shows the session when this message came through.


Karen A. Dahlman


This is a channeled message given by The Guides, a collective group. This group of ethereal beings first came to Karen in 1994. They now communicate with Karen through several means, including thoughts, voice channeling, meditation, writing, dreams and the Board. Within every communication they share teachings to impart and thoughts to ponder.
Within this message, the mystery guest comes forward to explore the importance of respecting the lives of other animals who also cherish and seek family and community.
These Beings are ethereal, light beings of Source energy who have never been incarnated in a physical, human form. They come forward to share inspiration and teachings from Ancient Wisdom and Knowledge of the Ages for practical applications within today’s world. They feel that humanity is in a process of transformational growth and through discourse that leads to self reflection, humanity can grow in profound, impactful and empowering ways.

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