How is it that you are confident that these “voices” are not part of your own internal dialogue or self-fulfilling prophecies?

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Hi Rob,

Can one ever prove the unseen? I find that our language does not have the words to accurately describe such other-worldly interactions and our conditioned and societal beliefs generally prohibit us from delving into such communications. Typically, such explorations are marginalized because there is no scientific proof to back it. No, it’s not common to go down such a path nor is it desired by many, but once you traverse this vibrational realm, there is a “knowing” of “otherness” that is much more profound and unconditionally loving than most human beings can ever imagine being or experiencing that transcends the boundaries of intellect and rationality. This arena is outside of the known and measurable realm of the physical senses and operates at a level of extra sensory perceptions. Within these connections/transmissions, the ego learns to move aside and allow wisdom, truth and pure love to pour through. My internal dialogue stops and a larger, greater part of the Divine steps in and communicates. Now, the question becomes, “Are we separate from this Divine Source?” I believe that our human self is, but our Higher Self is not. The Higher Self is the part that allows these communications to commence. So, logic has it if I am not separate on a greater level from the Divine Source, then I am not separate from these messages. Yet, my human (egoic) self is. What I have learned from the Guides is that we are all One in the bigger picture, but our human awareness is far from comprehending this so how this plays out within my human experience is that it feels a separation from these messages, yet familiar with the teachings after many years of hearing and feeling them. I am confident that these messages are from a high vibrational place of Source Wisdom, communicated from a place of unconditional love, and I am merely a student (and messenger) of these teachings. Now, ask yourself this question: “How do the messages feel for you?”, for you know the answer deep within if this information and messages resonate with truth for you and there you will find your answer.


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