With any desired outcome, spiritual practice or deliberate interactions with energies, you will hear a lot of talk about the focus of your intentions: what do you want, what do you desire, what do you intend to create, what do you intend to draw to you, and the list goes on. Most definitely, you do want to know what your intended focus for your desired outcome is. Subsequently you want to take inventory of your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, spoken words, written or drawn expressions and your actions that you are supplying within the moment, thus surrounding your intention. These will establish the precise energetic field that will draw to you the precise corresponding energetic field to support you in that moment.

Any time and every time your intention is thought, felt, spoken, written or drawn, it releases out energetically from you, creating its own vibration and wave pattern much like a pebble that has been dropped into a pool of water. It becomes a rippling and spiraling effect, reverberating through the formless energy that comprises all of us and all of creation. Whether or not you are able to sense and feel such energy and whether or not you believe in such energy, it is still affecting you and everyone else, nonetheless.

It may be challenging to wrap your mind around this concept of how a simple intention carries much energetic power within formlessness and gives shape to the literal form and condition within the world in which you find yourself right now. You may have a hard time believing that you have all the inherent power within your intentions to craft and re-craft your world and the world at large to one that your desire.

Instead of fully grasping this universal law of co-creation held within yourself, within your intentions, many will look externally to talismans, sacred objects, other people and outside influences as holding the power. These other things can most certainly help you, but ONLY because they remind you, and in a way “unlock” and allow yourself to “evoke” this pure creative force that resides within yourself. It is not the energy of these things that will cause such change and create the outcomes of your desires, but it is the energy in your intention that fulfills that role. However, if the talisman, object, person, external element excites you, evokes you and assists you to move into a joyous state and provides you a meaningful interaction with the energies, then your intentions within will be propelled that much more out into the Universe and within your world. High vibratory feelings, thoughts and actions bring out the best in ourselves and send out ripples of this same higher vibration within the world at large, creating what we intended, much like that pebble’s ripples when dropped in the pool of water.

So fuel your intentions with high vibratory beliefs, thoughts, feelings, spoken words, written or drawn expressions and actions (including all of the inspirational ways you BELIEVE will assist you and remind you to raise your energetic field, thus your vibration) and you will sky-rocket yourself towards your intended desires and the rest of us will benefit too.

May Your Spirit be Inspired!

Karen A. Dahlman ©

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